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  1. This is a test of my status!

  2. [GFX] Featured Articles Grid Block (1x3)

    Really Alex is one of the best in developing and service. Thx for your work.
  3. This is my question, I have IPB 3.3.4 and I can´t update to 3.4 because I have a lot of custom modifications´s that I need, I want to know if the last version of IPNexus and IPContent are compatible with 3.3.4. Thanks.
  4. IP.Board 3.4 Dev Update: "Best Answer" Feature

    [quote name='Wolfie' timestamp='1347996484'] The problem with that is that there could be a post that receives a lot of Likes but doesn't really answer the question. Not only that but what if the time period is set to too short or too long, and as a result one post is automatically marked as 'best answer' when it's not? It's one of the bad things about Yahoo! Answers, because a lot of the 'best answers' that were chosen by voters really only got a few votes and those were most likely from friends of the person who ended up winning. There are many instances of a 'best answer' by voters that when reading it, you wonder why it would have gotten voted up to begin with, as opposed to another one that really should have been marked as the answer. I say this because I use positive and negative points and in my case the answer with moré reputation points should be the best answer, I think the automatically selection by reputation points or likes should be an option in acp for activate or disable it
  5. IP.Board 3.4 Dev Update: "Best Answer" Feature

    This feature should have an option that select automatic the best answer at post with more Reputations points. Please consider it. Thanks for the feature!
  6. [DNO33+] Unreplied Topics

    Great mod! And support!
  7. When do you think the release 3.3.1 will be relased? I need it !!! :)
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