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  1. MWTeddy10 added a topic in IP.Downloads   

    Notification option
    New users in my forum are complaining about the feature " Follow this file " and " Follow this category ". If a new user register and want to be notified on any updates of files, he/she has to browse through all uploaded files. If there are like 50 uploads, it will be a boring and painful work if he/she has to do it for a couple categories. I would suggest to make either a drop down box or radio button which gives the user the ability to choose if all sub-postings should be selected as well ( all in one ).
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  2. MWTeddy10 added a comment on a blog entry Development Update: IP.Board 3.2.3   

    Would be good to get it as soon as possible because, some bugs prevents me to update from 3.1.4.....
  3. MWTeddy10 added a post in a topic "Watch this file" extension   

    Even more, some cathegories are sorted as theme so, that not only one file fits into it. So, my users wants to get a notification whenever a new file get added to that cathegory.
  4. MWTeddy10 added a comment on a blog entry IP.Board 3.1.0 Dev News: Twitter Integration   

    Also, not only Windows LiVe sign-in, I am still waiting for a full AD support....and some others, too. Not, that I don't like these new login methods and implementations but, AD is an pretty old request and was always flagged for future version......ends up to the question: which version
  5. MWTeddy10 added a topic in IP.Downloads   

    "Watch this file" extension
    It would be nice if there is a function to subscribe to a whole cathegory instead of clicking each file. If a new member joins, he has to browse through all files to mark "watch this file"
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  6. MWTeddy10 added a comment on a blog entry Advancing the Login Manager   

    Glad to see that the login method fits for different business evironments with IPB 3.0. I hope, once 3.0 is out, it will be easy to convert or merge the users to the different databases.

    I am looking forward to see it :)