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  1. Content?, I have been to forums that exaclty suit my needs, but the forum software is awful (vbulletin 3.6 or 3.7 or whatever the hell)... Why do the admins use vbulletin?, and if using it atleaste upgrade to 4.x, but these forums with 3.x are just awful, the content is great but its just so ugly..... it always drives me away, and whats the point of reading something that you dont enjoy the layout,etc vb sux @$$ vb 3.x is just.....
  2. Hi, This may sound like a useless feature, it would only save a couple of seconds but... Would this ever be possible?: You have the IPB Marketplace ok?, You then click Install instead of download and it installs the mod/hook onto your site. You can configure your ftp/database info/etc in "My Settings" So, All it would be really is uploading required files to your server and logging adding tables to the database right?. Thank You.
  3. IP.Chat + Webcam

    Hey, So I have seen the new IP.Chat 1.4, Looks great,nice and sleak.... It would be great if there was an opiton to so people could broadcast them self with a cam. I was using tinychat app and it was so much fun,the members loved it, we all got to know each other....