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  1. Testing IPB 4.0 Blogs

    Why isn't the "Blogs" hosted on this website being populated with customer blogs to help beta test the product and to allow your customers to see how the product has matured since the 3.x version?
  2. Feature Plan

  3. Documentation Is Hard to Find

    The more features that IPB adds to their software suite and the more configuration options they add the more complex the product becomes. People interested in hosting a IPB site typically have a limited amount of time each day they can devote towards operating their site and have little time to spare to try to intuit their way to being able to understand how to setup their site correctly and to deal with various issues that crop up. I would strongly urge IPB to take a small break after they release v4 to work with the user and developer community to determine what areas could benefit from some documentation and then launch a community based documentation project who would work with the IPB developers to answer specific questions that crop up during the documentation process. If this project was broken down into small bit sized pieces the user community is more apt to be willing to lend a hand and a lot of useful content might end up being generated in a short span of time and IPB could then go back to devoting their time coming up with new features to dazzle us with.