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  1. Linkedin connect please

    I also need this integration, ASAP. Anyone who would be interested in coding? For how much?
  2. Embed hard drive image in post from wysiwyg editor ?

    I've added this Hook, which adds that feature. // Markus
  3. Linkedin Connect

    Lovely, had no idea work was in progress :) Thanks for letting us know.
  4. Linkedin Connect

    I would be interested in donating/offering money to someone for making a proper LinkedIn addon. Not just Login, but more integration. So you can connect your current account, share info to/from LinkedIn etc. If it's a powerful LinkedIn integration I'll donate 100 Euro or more.
  5. Sign in through Google

    Fantastic addon, works great!!
  6. Sign in through Google

    Thanks! Fantastic addon! :)
  7. Auto Convert from X current encoding set to UTF-8

    There is. :lol:
  8. Yes, but it would be great if the user were presented with a link to that page when they pass for example 80% of the quota.
  9. And a easy way for the user to clear up space ... :)
  10. It is possible to put a homepage on the forum?

    Wow, fantastic site you have made there. The home section, especially "Around the Web" how did you make that one? Is it also IP.Content where you have added the "Up/Down" arrows? And how did you make the Jobs section? Looks and works great. Thanks, and once again, wonderful site!
  11. Synch Me!