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  1. Hi, The long awaited improved emoticon management is brilliant, love the drag and drop categories, but it can be very cumbersome to reorder categories in AdminCP if you have categories containing a lot of emoticons (several rows that require lots of scrolling). Please can you add a simple + or - option to toggle categories closed/open, so you can drag and drop closed categories much easier on the screen page because they would be condensed. Many thanks!
  2. Email integration

    It looks like that project died. It would be great to see email to forum integration in IPS4 though, given that it seems to be in Nexus (judging from how the IPS Client Centre supports replies via email), it would open up new functionality and adopters.
  3. Pages, Gallery and Core without Forums?

    Thanks Charlie, much appreciated.
  4. Touch/Swipe improvements for IPS Products

    Interesting points, thank you. I know it's somewhat possible to have some support because I've downloaded and implemented sliders from third parties on my own websites and also intergrated into IPS that work great.    
  5. Pages, Gallery and Core without Forums?

    Aha, that's good thank you. I recall it was intended but wasn't possible at the time when 4.x first launched. So is it possible to now no longer use or license an existing forum module on a live community? How do you do that in the Client centre? Do you just deactivate the forum application in your AdminCP or do you uninstall it? Reason I ask is that I have 2 websites where the forums component are never used, but Pages and Gallery are so I could save my local charity and community organisations some pennies.
  6. I'd like to see better support for touch screen on IPS products now that touch enabled devices are so abundant. I think there's a number of places in IPS products where touch could improve functionality in a natural way. For example, anywhere there is more than 1 page of content, such as when viewing a forum view of topics, or multiple pages within a topic, you should be able to naturally swipe quickly left or right between the pages if you are using a touch enabled device like a tablet, phone or touch-enabled PC monitor or laptop. The carousels that show Gallery images, or Downloads or Featued Calendar events etc could all receive improved swipe support too where currently you have click on the small scroll left and right buttons, which is somewhat counter-intuitive on touch-enabled mobile devices. Please task a developer to look at better touch support & integration soon!
  7. Hi, Is it possible to have Pages, Gallery & Core without Forums in forthcoming 4.1? Thank you!
  8. Pls bring back custom RSS feeds

    As well as RSS appearing on Activity Streams, I just noticed it's a button on the View All Notifications page too.  Clearly IPS thinks RSS isn't dead yet (it's also available in Pages), so I guess there is still hope we can restore our RSS of global new topics/content to get our Twitter etc feeds updating again, possibly by Activity Streams rather than a global customisable RSS feed.
  9. The chat app, bad or good for the forum?

    Hi Joel, I agree with your thoughts re smaller forums, although I think v4 is really pushing the boundaries for shared hosting compared to v3.4.8. I have a daily battle to keep Cpanel reporting of CPU resources under 150% which is tiring, although the software seems to run very well. re Chatbox by @onlyME, do you think it uses less resources that Shoutbox? There is no support topic to gauge or ask about this aspect although it seems to have a good reputation. Can it be set to show on specific pages like Shoutbox or just the index page? Many thanks.
  10. The chat app, bad or good for the forum?

    Yes like Windwalker, I think if used properly in the way it's intended, Shout/Chat can be a positive extra, just for fun. We had a message that said it wasn't intended for in depth discussion or suitable for seeking help and support because the messages were only visible for 14 days. Members understood and were fine with that. I added the 'auto Shout for new topics' hook once but members said it was disruptive to the Shoutbox and asked if it could be removed.
  11. The chat app, bad or good for the forum?

    My members loved Shoutbox, although only 8-10 members on my site per day, when I upgraded to v4 I had to remove it as it was killing my shared hosting, even more than v4 was without it and still is, I'm fighting against moving to a VPS I can't afford. Shoutbox triggered numerous resource alerts and emails from my host, who insisted it was not appropriate to run on shared hosting. Pete the developer worked very quickly to reduce the refresh rate, but it was still horrendous and I had to pull it to avoid my site being suspended. My members really miss it and one member has created a topic called Shoutbox instead and they post in that instead. IPS official Chatroom seemed like a good idea as it uses third party server resources but was an epic fail, nobody used it because it didn't retain the messages when last person logged out of it. i have thought about trying the Chatbox app, but I'm worried it will hammer the resources like Shoutbox did.    
  12. Suggestion Activity Stream - add Filter by Member Group

    Great, thanks Charles!
  13. Hi, When creating/editing a stream, please could you add a filter option to select 1 or more Member Groups? Currently you can filter by a specific member, but not a group of members. Then you could have a stream/s that specifically shows activity from staff members, new members, VIP members etc. Many thanks!
  14. 4.1 - Support GifV / webm?

    Interesting format, but it still doesn't work on iOS, despite them saying they would fix it almost a year ago in the comments on that page.
  15. Hi,Please can you add support for "Adding media files from server path" (for bulk importing of existing images on our websites into the Gallery)?Real world example - I have 1000's of images in sub-folders being displayed elsewhere on my website and more importantly hosted on my website, that I want to import into my Gallery so my Members can make better use of them. I don't want to have to duplicate them all or re-upload.Secondly please could you add support for "Add media files from URL"?This would all us to import images into the Gallery via Flicker, Pinterest, Deviant Art and other third party websites etc.Appreciate this would have to rely on responsible use, licensing and permissions but that would be down to the Admin and Members.The Downloads app seems to have these facilities in already, so presumably (I'm obviously no expert!) since IPS4 had been rewritten with this sort of thing in mind, hopefully it wouldn't be too difficult to add the same existing support to another official IPS app?Many thanks.