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  1. Hi Lindy, really sorry for the delayed response, my email notifications seem to have stopped for this and bug tracker. Anyway, many thanks for this, really appreciate it. Regards, Graham
  2. uses more resources than previous version?

    Thanks. Stiff upper lip and all that! I just dread upgrading again to face all the moans about things not working, I must have explained about 10 times, plus blog entries and announcements that members needed to clear their caches and hard refresh after the last update, the thought of repeating all over again is just too much.
  3. uses more resources than previous version?

    Thanks Madman. The constant upgrading is becoming a pain, I don't know if I have the energy and enthusiasm for it any more on top of all the whinging and moaning about streams and things. It just seems to introduce as many new bugs and issues as it does fix them. Remember the days when it just seemed to work, with the odd security fix and the theme designers could maintain their catologues of themes? Sorry, bad day.
  4. According the my Cpanel (Inmotion Business Pro Shared Hosting), sine I upgraded to v4.1.3.2 from previous release on 21st, it's now using more server resources, but I thought performance was supposed to be improved?   I have Chatbox running but at 2 minute refresh and search bots and guests can't see it, and limited bots from 90 second delay to 120 sec delay in last 24hrs. I miss the low server resources of 3.4.8.     
  5. Is there any decision yet on making IPS Spam Service available to customers who don't need Forums by making it a free service linked to Core instead of Forums? I didn't renew Forums for of my sites because I just couldn't get anyone posting so keeping just Pages and Gallery going which are fine in this instance, but wasn't informed in the Client Centre that I would lose the anti-Spam Service if I deactivated Forums. Was told in a support ticket that it would be brought up internally. It's supposed to be a benefit for licence holders but now it's all focuses around Core, it should be linked to Core and not reliant on any specific add-on app? Many thanks.
  6. Activity Steam Opt-out

    I'm using permissions to not show the activity stream to guests and search engines in but only to try and save on resources (shared hosting) as v4 has been killing my server since I upgraded to v4. I have to trade off the additional access to the content and hope guests can find what they want from browsing and search. I've got daily resource usage down in Cpanel from maxing out at around 500%-600% a day to maxing out at around 120% over last few months as performance has improved in 4.0.x and by optimising my website queries and by blocking bad bots. After removing permissions for guests and bots to view Activity Stream it maxed at 80% yesterday, 105% today. This is on though and not 4.1.x.
  7. Feature request - Gallery - Add files from server path

    Thanks Rhett. Would still love to move all of my images into my Gallery one day.  
  8. Sooo...

    I'm not entirely convinced by Open Source or free software being the future. It works in some cases. Free software is often years behind, stuck in the 90's. Take SMF, or Coppermine Gallery in particular. Plus they still get hacked.  
  9. IPS Community Suite 4.1: Upgrade Prep

    Looks great! I like the option to make a stream the default. I also like the way you pin a stream, so for example I could create a stream called Latest Halloween Content which will be great for members. I'm glad the theme differences aren't too big for the theme designers out there. So much hard work, well done and thank you.
  10. The ability to upload cover images is fantastic and has really improved Calendar and Blogs. However it seems like a large oversight not to be able to easily upload a new header background for your theme without Admins having to search forum posts for the right custom CSS code, trial and error etc. At this stage in IPS Suite's development, we should be able to quickly upload a replacement background/cover image that will look good on the responsive layouts. Please can you give this some consideration? It would be a huge help. Many thanks.  
  11. Marketplace

    I mean absolutely no disrespect when I say this, and I honestly do appreciate the time and effort developers invest in learning to program and create the Market Place (which seems way beyond me) but sometimes I just can't get my head around the prices of some of these add-ons, in particular the small hooks/plug-ins, not talking about the large complicated apps. A lot seem very overpriced for what they actually are or do. Do they offer fair value for money?  Is it possible that sometimes they dont seem to offer more than a way to satisfy demand and expectations placed upon a Admins to keep apps and hooks on communities to replace older versions, that their members demand to see on the latest versions of IPS suite. People who see opportunities to take over free apps, change the developer name and then charge for someone's time and creativity, I don't understand either. Perhaps if IPS Market Place apps were priced like apps on other app stores like Google Play Store or the Apple App Store (sell low but in higher quantity), or more of the small hooks were free, I could understand it. I can buy an app for £1.99 that 100's of developers, artists and musicians have contributed to. Perhaps it's all quantities of scale. By the time you've bought several apps and hooks on top of your Licence fees, hosting and domains charges, unless you have been able to successfully monetise your site, it can mount up and be very expensive to run a community. Thank heavens there are developers who make great, free apps and hooks for IPS products for the good of the community. I do feel for theme developers who are struggling to keep their catalogues of themes compatible with IPS when they come across issues like rapidly changing versions, or frequent use of !important in the original CSS that overrides their designs.
  12. Pages, Gallery and Core without Forums?

    Hi Charlie, I created a ticket (929436) and was advised the Calendar is a free app that only comes with Forums, but it would be raised internally to see if it can be linked to Core, which is appreciated and I think would make more sense.  However I've  just noticed that the Spam Monitoring Service is disabled as well.  Im not really happy that it wasn't made clear by the software/Client Centre that both Calendar and Spam Monitoring (possibly other things too?) would be disabled/lost by deactivating Forums, I wouldn't have deactivated Forums had I known because it's a local community website and I don't want spam or worse appearing on it. If the central product is now Core and no longer IP.Board (as it's still listed in the Client Centre), surely it makes more sense that these products should now be tied to Core in terms of provision and availability? Many thanks.
  13. Pages, Gallery and Core without Forums?

    Done thanks Charlie!
  14. Pages, Gallery and Core without Forums?

    Hi, I used the option to deactivate the forums in the Manage Your Community section for my community, and it worked, but when I refreshed the Licence in AdminCP, the Calendar seems to have an X next to it? I thought Calendar was a separate app? It didn't warn me that more than Forums would be deactivated?
  15. The download speeds for the community suite ( are really slow these days. Just downloaded a copy of the software to perform an upgrade and it was downloading at 8.5KB/s on a 49Mbps connection! Anyone else noticed this?