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  1. After every update I REALLY hate IPS

    Woohoo! Thank you Stoo and Rikki!
  2. After every update I REALLY hate IPS

    I like Lindy's response. Don't get me wrong, I too groan as much as the next man/woman whenever there are another raft of issues and fixes announced in the knowledge base, especially just after a release. I can't just believe how many bugs there have been since IPS4 went gold, and how many continue to be reported, sure not all are bugs but some drag on for months without being resolved. Its interesting to read IPS think there have been some poor releases but that reassures me that they are are, take notice and are doing something about it. I bought a license for another website and I can't use it yet because the easy theme editor still won't let me make a dark theme without large areas of bright white in it. Why, oh, why doesn't it come with a dark theme out of the box, so we can tweak it a bit and get it up and running in hours, not months?! I am grateful when a fix is published but get annoyed when its not clear if the fix is included in the next update or not. I get annoyed when support tell me in an overnight response to essentially fix things myself whilst pointing me in the right direction, when I've paid for tech support to take the pressure off and have things fixed by tech support, so that I'm not rushing bleary eyed to fix them myself before I get up and go out to work in the morning for another mentally demanding 10-14hr day, because I don't have the energy to do it when I get home! But I would rather see IPS as a company that isn't afraid to say its not always right, and sometimes gets things wrong, that there is sometimes more that can be done, rather than just browbeating its users adamant that everything is their fault or with technobabble. IPS4 may have shown up poor hosting environments, but some of us can't afford VPS and Dedicated Servers. I use Inmotion Hosting who apparently have up to date servers and use SSDs for their shared hosting. I bought a Pro account to host several sites, so far I have 3 IPS installations on my shared Business Pro hosting account and although 2 are pretty much dead communities and the other is a very quiet community with about 10 new topics/10 members on per day, the resource level of IPS4 has been using is really high, over 100% everyday since I upgraded to it, sometimes its been over 300% which gets me into trouble with the web host. It now peaks around 120-150% of available CPU resources. Inmotion assure me its not oversold and they are using modern servers. I cannot host any more websites and IPS installations on it though. So as fed up as I am with never ending bugs and issues, I still look out for the welcome news of some new features and improvements. Keep hacking away at it IPS, and thanks for bringing back more QA, as I'm sure I recall IPB improved a lot when you introduced QA testers. I still laugh when I see sites like DigitalSpy using vBulletin, are they mad when IPS is available? I really didn't like the way the Global RSS feed was removed without any warning, that's taken me a long time to resolve, so that I can once again power my Twitter feed with new content. Love the emoticon manager though, although it needs a few tweaks for perfection!
  3. Hi IPS, Please can add a toggle to open and close the emoticon smilies, in order to make it easier to drag/drop reorder them? Once you have several categories and each one contains several rows of smilies, its a nightmare trying to reorder them. If we could close the categories, it would be a lot easier to move them up and down the page. Many thanks.
  4. Video Embeds to Gallery

    Hi Karen, I've used Michael's Videos System for years which allows your members to embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo etc into a 'video gallery'. I can't say I've ever noticed those sorts of issues at all, so I don't think they'd be issues if IPS finally added this type of functionality to Gallery after what seems like for ever.  As Chilihead says, category descriptions and rules, whether you have a general category for misc videos etc and moderation (I've never had to moderate a members videos) all combine to prevent these issues.  Videos System also has an option to enable or disable check for duplicates too. I think if Gallery had these options it would work fine. I like having my video content seperate from photos, but I guess you could always have Images and Videos as two main categories in the Gallery. But I have one or two communities that don't have the budget for a seperate add-on for videos, they'd benefit from having better embed-able video support in Gallery. Regards, Graham
  5. Group blogs

    Thanks Chilli. 
  6. Group blogs

    This makes sense +1 Hovering over their faces should bring up the profile card, from there you could go to their full profiles. Where did you read about improvements to Blogs, Chillihead? With all the emphasis on bug fixing, which seems like it's never ending, it's been so long since any updates on new features for Blog, Gallery, Pages etc.  
  7. Status Update/Profile Posts

    Yeah it's odd that Staus Updates were The Big Thing and now they're treated as so differently they're mostly ignored. I've also noticed today that profile comments seem to have gone, and Group Blogs where you could add a few editors or contributors on a blog have gone too - my staff blog is now apparently just my blog. I've searched in my boards settings thinking the upgrades may have disabled them accidentally but they seem to be gone here too.
  8. When receiving a new update of a file via email notification, it's pretty useless as it only shows a copy of the original file/download description, not the actual updated change log. This forces you to visit the actual download/file (and perhaps need to log-in) just to see what's changed. If it's a security or stability update to the file/download, you could miss it if you don't take the time to visit and find out what's new. Perhaps the notification could include the change log when available?
  9. (BIM41) Chatbox

    Great app, brilliant fast support! Highly recommended but you need to be careful to limit the refresh if on Shared Hosting, just like Shoutbox as all these types of apps hammer the server. Mine is now set to 2-3 min refresh as a result of server resources. Not a reflection on Chatbox though. Two issues I've noticed: When you edit a message as an admin, there is no obvious way to save the edited message, no button or anything, so not figured that out yet. I have to delete it and retype. Almost all of my members say the sound notification alert of a new message is intermittent and many don't hear it at all despite using a PC and having the audio option switched on. I've experienced the same on the developers site too. Difficult to replicate and so very hard to track down. Great app, highly recommended!    
  10. Hi Lindy, really sorry for the delayed response, my email notifications seem to have stopped for this and bug tracker. Anyway, many thanks for this, really appreciate it. Regards, Graham
  11. uses more resources than previous version?

    Thanks. Stiff upper lip and all that! I just dread upgrading again to face all the moans about things not working, I must have explained about 10 times, plus blog entries and announcements that members needed to clear their caches and hard refresh after the last update, the thought of repeating all over again is just too much.
  12. uses more resources than previous version?

    Thanks Madman. The constant upgrading is becoming a pain, I don't know if I have the energy and enthusiasm for it any more on top of all the whinging and moaning about streams and things. It just seems to introduce as many new bugs and issues as it does fix them. Remember the days when it just seemed to work, with the odd security fix and the theme designers could maintain their catologues of themes? Sorry, bad day.
  13. According the my Cpanel (Inmotion Business Pro Shared Hosting), sine I upgraded to v4.1.3.2 from previous release on 21st, it's now using more server resources, but I thought performance was supposed to be improved?   I have Chatbox running but at 2 minute refresh and search bots and guests can't see it, and limited bots from 90 second delay to 120 sec delay in last 24hrs. I miss the low server resources of 3.4.8.     
  14. Is there any decision yet on making IPS Spam Service available to customers who don't need Forums by making it a free service linked to Core instead of Forums? I didn't renew Forums for of my sites because I just couldn't get anyone posting so keeping just Pages and Gallery going which are fine in this instance, but wasn't informed in the Client Centre that I would lose the anti-Spam Service if I deactivated Forums. Was told in a support ticket that it would be brought up internally. It's supposed to be a benefit for licence holders but now it's all focuses around Core, it should be linked to Core and not reliant on any specific add-on app? Many thanks.
  15. Activity Steam Opt-out

    I'm using permissions to not show the activity stream to guests and search engines in but only to try and save on resources (shared hosting) as v4 has been killing my server since I upgraded to v4. I have to trade off the additional access to the content and hope guests can find what they want from browsing and search. I've got daily resource usage down in Cpanel from maxing out at around 500%-600% a day to maxing out at around 120% over last few months as performance has improved in 4.0.x and by optimising my website queries and by blocking bad bots. After removing permissions for guests and bots to view Activity Stream it maxed at 80% yesterday, 105% today. This is on though and not 4.1.x.