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  3. Database prefix

  4. Database prefix

    actually i can change it while upgrading my forum from smf to ipb?
  5. Database prefix

    you didnt get me i meant thta my current db prefix is smf_ cause i use smf,when i will get moved to ipb i should change the db prefix to ipb_ ? if yes how
  6. one question

  7. one question

    is there any guide how to upload my own theme,modificatinos"?
  8. Database prefix

    My current db prefix is smf_,when i will upgrade it to ipb i can change it? if yes how
  9. Question for SMF

    ok thanks
  10. Question for SMF

    you paid them in order they do it for you or you did it by yourself? also Permission masks/Bad Word Filters/Reserved Names won't be converted. Auto Promotions those things how i should converte them to ipb?
  11. Addon Products

    ok thanks can you give a explanation of all products too?i mean what i can do with them
  12. Addon Products

    In order to download custom theme and modifications which addons should i buy too?
  13. Question for SMF

    Hello,atm i got SMF platform 2.0.2 version,is there any way to converte my forum to latest ipb version? thanks