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  1. Member Reviews

    wow! the most expensive mod that i saw in my entire IPB experience! and without Screenshots!!!!!!!! For a $50 dollars mod i expect minimum 1 screenshot of every screen of the mod.
  2. Tapatalk Forum Application plugin for IPBoard 3.3-

    not ads supported! :-(
  3. Hi, Im trying to find a way that the Moderators of my site can Delete topics or replys but not hard delete in order that i (Admin) can restore it, there is any way? I think that IPB need to add this option to the next update because in my opinion if a security hole because i can have "trusted" moderators but one day on of the moderators can change and start deleting topics like crazy and me (The Administrator) cannot restore it.
  4. i Want that the moderators of my community can't make a hard delete, in other words the ability to remove the permission to access the "Removed Content" tab in the Moderator CP. thanks in advance :-)
  5. Tag auto-completion for 3.2

    i need this :sad:
  6. Limit Thread Views For Guests

    what do you want to say with: Renewals Term: $6.00 Every 12 months, after a year the mod stops to work?
  7. User Online Status in Topics

    IPB is an incomplete program without this, thanks