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  1. JmactheAttack added a comment on a file iArcade 1.3   

    Still having issues uploading the .tar files, but other than that, this is a great application.
  2. JmactheAttack added a comment on a file [HQ] Badges   

    [quote name='Insydius' timestamp='1332142002']
    This looks pretty cool and useful. My only regret is individual groups can't get individual icons however with the name of this mod I can understand why. But as a feature request is to extend this mod on the Gallery, Blogs, and Downloads if it hasn't already.

    I agree, allowing multiple different sets of members use different badges would be great.
  3. JmactheAttack added a post in a topic Feature Request - Profile fields based on member group   

    This addition to the profile fields feature would certainly be great for large forums who host lots of individual sub-communities. I'm definitely for it!