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  1. Mobile skin needs some improvement

    Just to correct my last post. I notice there are now share buttons at the base of topics viewed within mobile skin. Apologies.
  2. Mobile skin needs some improvement

    "Some improvement" you're joking aren't you. Can't even log-in on a mobile skin never mind check messages or navigate around the boards. Thing is it's all well and good saying "use full version". Naturally I do this. But we can't look at things from our own perspective when thinking about our boards being used in conjunction with a mobile skin. You've got to look at it from the perspective of someone who hasn't a clue about what they're looking at. It's very worrying to be honest. Because you know that people follow a link to your board on an iPhone and they're thinking "What is this white and blue thing thats meant to be a website on my screen" Plus, if 'Full version' is the saviour to having your board look weak. Have the button at the top of a page on mobile not at the bottom when someone (if they're even interested enough to read the actual thread on that format) has managed to get all the way to the bottom. In which case they likely close the window and get back to wherever they were on the net before following said link. It's a dead-end function also, with no options to re-share whatever they're reading. It's open > read > close, or open > scroll a bit > close. Probably the latter. I'd prefer the ability to delete the mobile skin for good so that it never kicked-in. but I've tried this without success. I hope this is getting addressed in 4.
  3. IP.Board 4.0 Wishlist

    Choose number of recent topics in Sidebar for Ronnie Corbett's sake. Edit - ... and I wouldn't wait for 4.0 either.
  4. This is a constant annoyance for something so integral. I've paid people to increase the number of topics in sidebar but everytime I update the board it switches back to the defaut 5 topics. I upgraded today and again I'm back down to 5.
  5. Any sort of timeframe for 4 at all Brandon?
  6. Tweet embedding

    From looking at the Campfire website I can't see how it's relevant to an IP.Board forum.
  7. At the moment we use the IP.Board Mobile but I'm pretty dissatisfied. Because we've got one or two custom made hooks the index looks disjointed. That's not the fault of IPS of course. Still, this problem needs addressing and I was wondering if you could tell me what you've opted for. If it's 'Other' could you specify what please? Also, if you've used a custom skinner to do your mobile skin and you can recommend someone would you be able to name them. Thanks a lot.
  8. Feedback About Quotes

    My boards seem to operate differently to everyone elses. I've just shut one down because nobody, IPS included, seemed to know why my bandwidth was being drained totally and the board had account suspension every twenty minutes.
  9. Best Answer Format Suggestion

  10. I have to say I absolutely hate this: It won't recognise that you drop a line or two after a quote so your response is wedged up directly underneath the quote. It's making my boards look properly messy, and it's new. Surely make improvements with upgrades not the opposite.
  11. IP.Board 4.0 Wishlist

    Sidebar Image uploader Gallery is great. Well, it has a lot of drawbacks actually. But the notion of browsing images is great. What's not great is the fanny-about it takes to upload an image. Seriously who can be chewed. My demographic are professionals they'd like to share images, but they certainly don't have time to' click this page, click that page, this page that page, select image, tags, upload, this page that page. There's about 5 or 6 pages loading just to upload an image. What's needed is a sidebar hook. Browse button, text input field for tags and title, select button for album, upload button, BAM. Done. The user isn't even directed off the board index. I'm too busy with other stuff but paying for this to be designed is on my agenda. Save me the trouble. My user's aren't going to use the gallery in any great capacity until i have this.
  12. Polling improvements please

    Yep. Definitely need to keep this alive.
  13. Have to say I love this. There seems to be too many negative potentials switching to 3.4 at the moment and I can't risk it. But looking forward to this one.
  14. Principal Forum Icon

    Principle forum icon could be 4 or 5 things. Can you explain where it shows so we know which one you mean. I'd imagine you mean either the meta image or the favicon.
  15. I Would Like to See Better SEO

    I'm afraid I wasn't no. Some people might laugh at that, but, you know, I'm learning.I went to Google WT. It already had the site logged because I've done the process with Analytics. I sourced a tutorial on creating a sitemap because we didn't even have that done. It looked like this.Even when I put the URL into Google search it doesn't show. So I'm assuming it'll take a little while for spiders to do whats required, but I've a feeling there's loads of other stuff that hasn't been done either. Any suggestions Brandon? And thank you man.