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  1. Just a shout out to IPS

    I know most of the stuff that gets posted here is complaints or desires for something better. This post will contain none of that. I've been with ipb since 2012. I've had my share of desires for a better product, mostly wanting it to be fully responsive. I tried different hooks, and themes, but they all were terrible at making the board responsive. Gimmicky wastes of hard earned money is what they were. I was frustrated obviously. I was very impressed with the release of IPB4. It really satisfied my need for a responsive board. I just upgraded today to 4.1 and man this is great. I can't ask for anything more really.  Great work guys. I hung in there for a year or two waiting on IPB4 and this new release really made me happy that I did. Keep up the great work!!
  2. How to get more members interested

    DevFuse is an IPB modder. Its from a plugin called guest message that they made and uploaded to the marketplace (i think thats the name).
  3. How to get more members interested

    I've looked at your board, and it's intent. It appears that you are attempting to compete directly with Facebook (whether intentional or not). Facebook has the option to form groups for everything that your board covers. The majority of people are going to use Facebook over a forum website simply because it's a huge brand.Have you done any keyword research? Will any of your forums get organic traffic from search engines (easily)? This is important to know because if there is not a sizable interest in at least some of the topics, the forum will probably be relatively dead.Some insight into organic traffic user behavior:I use my boards as DIY topic forums in an area that has a significant global interest. Right now I am getting about 10k visitors a month from google, and this is increasing little by little every month. I'm pretty sure my board only converts about 1% of that into registered users, and less than 1% of those new registered users into active users. Those active users usually are very active for about a month, then drop off on engagement for 2 months until they never sign on again.I can increase registrations by modifying guest permissions on viewing attachments. If I make it so they cant see pics a ton of people will register, but that does not make any of them turn into active users.In my experience, organic traffic that converts to users are generally more active. Social media traffic is usually worthless, and rarely converts to even registered users, in my case anyway.We do have a facebook, but it is not for driving traffic. It is for entertaining even members who do not frequent the board any longer. Branding. Pretty much everyone is on Facebook and never quit using it, even though they quit using my website (I can still sell stuff to them sometimes too) I hope this helps spark some ideas. Good luck with your board!
  4. IPB Responsive by IPS Themes

    i bought this when it first came out, because it said that it would work with IPB forum skins. It never did, and I believe the author decided later that even though he sold it to us on that pretense he would stop support for other themes than his own.   Also if there is an issue with his coding his default argument becomes "it was designed to work only with IPB's default theme."   I was highly disappointed at the waste of my $ on this. It was a nice trick to try to get me to buy one of the authors skins though ;)
  5. Full SSL support

    google just included https as a positive ranking factor in their SERP algorithm. Don't be surprised if you dont start hearing more about this in support tickets as news speads, and the possibility of google increasing importance of ssl. they will probably open their own certificate business soon :lol:
  6. Blocking Countries through htaccess

    it works really well. I have owned two licenses for three years now. It used to be called but they either changed the domain or another company bought them. I am not sure but I can verify that this service definately works very well. I originally bought it because we had a guy get banned, and I guess was mentally ill or something. He kept registering with tor and making death threats to members, posting scat porn in the gallery etc. so I blocked him with the .htaccess code I posted, because he was using tor. Then he got high tech and started using stealth VPN's, so I bought the script from (, and it kept him out for good, since he would never use his home IP. I was only using it on the registration page, not sitewide. I've just been using it on my estores on the checkout page to help prevent fraudsters (as far as that goes). anyway, its real and not something I googled.
  7. Blocking Countries through htaccess

    block cheap proxies via .htaccess including tor (at least it used to, test it out. if it doesnt work just google around and you will find something). Kirito is probably right about the perfomance thing, though I never noticed any issues when I still used it. It wont hurt to test it out and see what works best for you even if its temporary. Most spammers that use automated software use private proxies not cheap public ones, so this might be hit or miss with spammers. RewriteEngine on RewriteCond %{HTTP:VIA} !^$ [OR] RewriteCond %{HTTP:FORWARDED} !^$ [OR] RewriteCond %{HTTP:USERAGENT_VIA} !^$ [OR] RewriteCond %{HTTP:X_FORWARDED_FOR} !^$ [OR] RewriteCond %{HTTP:PROXY_CONNECTION} !^$ [OR] RewriteCond %{HTTP:XPROXY_CONNECTION} !^$ [OR] RewriteCond %{HTTP:HTTP_PC_REMOTE_ADDR} !^$ [OR] RewriteCond %{HTTP:HTTP_CLIENT_IP} !^$ RewriteRule ^(.*)$ - [F] this .htaccess code wont block block most VPN's and other stealth anonymizers, or based on country. I use the software from to block VPN's or by country (not on my IPB installs, but it will work on IPB). A license used to be $200, but now its $500.00 so this is probably not an option for most people.
  8. if you come to peoples profiles just to mess with their rating, you have no life :D

  9. what do you think about IPB support?

    IPS support is great. I have licenses with the big three paid forum software providers. I like IPS the best. the forum is for user to user support. most members here are really cool people who are willing to help with noob stuff and don't ride around on a high horse, IME. IPS staff help out on the board too!
  10. Full SSL support

    ^ nice. When i first started using ssl back in version 3.2 I had an issue like that. I did not do the above, I believe I just updated my paths and cleared cache. Also you might want to look at this post by kirito. He suggests modifying the youtube tags to prevent the https warning in browsers. I'm not sure if that is still valid or not.
  11. Full SSL support

    The thing about that, it was the same config it had always been, then updated and the redirect loop occured. I wont disagree it is probably something simple, and I could just submit a ticket, sure. You can't really say it's our fault, and it actually have any meaning though, we didn't code the board. At least it's not an IPS staff member saying that. IPS has made many fumbles in coding, some even allowed skilled individuals to hijack admin accounts, so if that happened using the same logic it was the customers fault too? Basically what I am saying is some people, like me, are not coding professionals, and we just want our product to work. I don't floss my teeth three times a day either, and that's bad practice too according to some statistics, but most people don't do that either and they get by just fine. This is the same thing. Not everyone actually cares, or has time to learn every detail about everything. I get that this kind of stuff is your passion, and that's cool! I don't know how to fix it any other way than what is already working. If you can figure it out, in a way that is good practice, that would be awesome, and I am sure people would be most grateful.
  12. Full SSL support

    this is what is having to be done at this time. something changed in one of those updates (I guess?) to the board and the old way of doing this through .htaccess was not and is not working for any of us. I was having the same redirect loop issue on my board as well, and had to work around it. it works though, and that's really what matters to most of us.
  13. Full SSL support

    Glad it helped!
  14. IMPORTANT seo step that is often overlooked.

    if this helps you good. I'm glad it helped. if not, or you dont use it or have your own opinions, thats good too. Theres usually more than one way to do anything in life. Never once in my original post did I say this was the only way. This is what I do, and it works for me (think i have said this like 20 times now..)! No need to get defensive over someone elses way, or troll a thread just because you do things differently. It's a thread that was intended to help people, like it did me, not make people cry.
  15. IMPORTANT seo step that is often overlooked.

    i found a way to run IPB on both http and https on one domain, as well as disallow google crawling http pages a long time ago. You'll notice I dont respond to people who dont understand the purpose of the topic, or read anything i wrote. None of my websites use nexus as a store. Bringing up the point that you need to use a secure socket layer on checkout pages is irrelevant to canonical redirects. If I did use nexus every page would be encrypted. Not that SSL encryption means anything since the advent of backtrack 5 and SSL strip ;) its actually better to use a 301 redirect in .htaccess or php than to use gwt, it solves the issue permanently for every search engine and user. I don't even use google tools. I have better tools to monitor websites. Not everyone is up to par on that kind of stuff, but will pretend to know a lot about whatever they are commenting on. Dont worry about having multiple domains on one account, one IP address, or one name server, I've got a buttload of websites on one name server and one godaddy domain account. I don't link them all together though ;) I don't think thats what John meant when he said "dont own more than two domains to your website." I'm not sure what he meant but I don't think that was what he was saying. I am thinking he was talking about redirecting other domains to your domain possibly.