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  1. I want my credit back - disagree automatic renewal

      Tell me, why you say this, after i create a topic here. No one tell me in the ticket system that is a bug in system.
  2. I want my credit back - disagree automatic renewal

    No i didn't accept this. Because I was not noted in the ticket system, where communication mainly took place. The more insolence is when I cancel the license, I get no access to downloads (for the six months what i paid) and no credit back. The normal way is: I cancel a subscription and i have access to downloads until the real expiration date.
  3. I want my credit back - disagree automatic renewal

    I never get any notification of this. This is the only message what i get: and the invoice:   It's just brazenly and impudently from IPS. They only ripe off long-time customers. I want my credit back and as compensation I want to have my account credit to PayPal. I never made or agrred a subscription to renewals.
  4. After IPS declared "legacy" customers are not welcome with their legacy license (Perpetual) and after i agreed the 100$ deal, now my license was automatically renewed on 21. September (expires on 29. September) without any notification that the license will renewed before it expires. This is an unwanted action, but IPS wont back my credit.   Answers:   When it comes their rights, then heir defend this vigorously. (for example: the old IP.Board licenses). But on consumer rights, then IPS denies these rights ... I want my credit fee back, since Im never agreed and paid an renewal.    
  5. IPS Community Enhancements and IP.Board 3.3 Note

    I don't like the decision, that OpenID is no longer supported, now IP.Board has only support for proprietary login methods... Hope, they will include other open source login methods example HybridAuth. @ ElectricPrismX Google is based on OpenID.