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  1. I realised that after posting it. there is no way to change you have to click the dot to go to last post, I thought removing the Activity button was also wanted.
  2. Simples ACP - system - under content discovery click on streams - create new - do like the image below and save. Then ACP - system - site features - Menu manager - remove Activity - publish menu.
  3. (BIM41) Featured Content

    Excellent App and support is awesome.
  4. Graphics Card

    It looks like your talking about Nvidia cards here. The 960 is 128bit and the 970 is 256bit. Also for freesync you need an AMD graphics card and not Nvidia. Those cards also don't support freesync or Nvidia's G-sync so again the 4K and freesync capability of the monitor will not be used. Have a quick look at this video. Although its about gaming it has a lot of info on why 4K is currently not viable at the moment and what hardware is needed. The fact that there are cheapish monitors out doesn't mean much. You have to have a PC and graphics card that can output 4K and that's going to cost a large amount of $. So I would go for the 970 and get a nice quality HD monitor. Whats the spec of your PC?    
  5. Graphics Card

    Only the most powerful gaming graphics cards will put out near 4k. So if you don't game there is not much point in a 4K monitor. If its expensive due to being 4K have a look at getting better quality monitor without it.
  6. Hover your mouse over the quote box, hold down ctrl,  right click  for options.
  7. New Technology Forum

    As your starting a new forum why have it on a subdomain. Just have ?  
  8. New Technology Forum

    My first advice is you buy the Pages App and create your website using that. You forum will then be fully integrated. You can then get a theme done for it.
  9. IPS Community Suite 4.1 Update
  10. Still don't know how to go to new posts

    I confirm its taking me to the last post of topics I have not read also. Looks like a bug.
  11. Save Article as Draft

    No but if you hide them then you can change the publish date to when you actually want it available. Not ideal but for now..
  12. Save Article as Draft

    You can enable this in the database - articles - manage fields. 
  13. PAGES - Confused by IPB & the staff

    Hmm I tend to agree with xert77 here. I bought pages about a week ago and just to do basic things takes ages to learn. I have spent hours today trying to get a list of my article categories on the front page or any page for that matter. There is a block for it but it only works on articles -why? ...... this is basic stuff for cms and takes 5 mins in Wordpress. Put an image in a page, click it and it opens the image, how to make light-box work for this? I can go on and on with basic stuff that should be working as standard.I can see the power pages has and I am getting there, but its mighty painful. I would imagine a lot of folk just give up after a week or so. I'm soldering on for the moment.
  14. Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    Nice once it loaded. First visit took about 15 seconds to load.
  15. tiny jQuery/ Bootstrap wysiwyg editor

    Love the tables facility and the image functionality is all in one place. :thumbsup: