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  1. Ausy added a post in a topic PAGES - Confused by IPB & the staff   

    Hmm I tend to agree with xert77 here. I bought pages about a week ago and just to do basic things takes ages to learn. I have spent hours today trying to get a list of my article categories on the front page or any page for that matter. There is a block for it but it only works on articles -why? ...... this is basic stuff for cms and takes 5 mins in Wordpress. Put an image in a page, click it and it opens the image, how to make light-box work for this? I can go on and on with basic stuff that should be working as standard.
    I can see the power pages has and I am getting there, but its mighty painful. I would imagine a lot of folk just give up after a week or so. I'm soldering on for the moment.
  2. Ausy added a post in a topic tiny jQuery/ Bootstrap wysiwyg editor   

    Love the tables facility and the image functionality is all in one place. :thumbsup:
  3. Ausy added a post in a topic Feedback on Mobile Solutions   

    Using Tapatalk but with all the latest editor changes its been a nightmare.

    Mobile skin would be fine but without the option to upload a photo most of my users get frustrated as they post a lot of pics.
  4. Ausy added a post in a topic New 3.4 quote..   

    I cant believe they changed this. I moved from another forum to IP Board mainly because the old forum did not show the quote tags and members put their replies in the quotes. I spent hours editing posts every day and already after upgrading last night the first few posts this morning needs editing because replies have gone into quotes.

    Most ordinary members have no idea how the use things like this, the quote tags must come back or this is going to cause big trouble for many forum owners. I am not prepared to start editing hundreds of posts a day because of it.

    Terrible idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Edit... OK I can see the quote box now, had to clear browser cache after upgrade, panic over..
  5. Ausy added a topic in Product Feedback   

    Spaces in forum user names
    How do I allow spaces in forum user names?
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