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  1. CodingJungle added a comment Privacy policy - site name comma   

    I can confirm
  2. CodingJungle added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    public static function appsWithExtension( $app, $extension, $checkAccess=TRUE ) { $_apps = array(); foreach( self::applications() as $application ) { if ( static::appIsEnabled( $application->directory ) and $app->canAccess() ) { /* If $checkAccess is false we don't verify access to the app */ if( $checkAccess !== FALSE ) { /* If we passed true, we want to check current member, otherwise pass the member in directly */ if( $app->canAccess( ( $checkAccess === TRUE ) ? NULL : $checkAccess ) !== TRUE ) { continue; } } if( count( $application->extensions( $app, $extension ) ) ) { $_apps[ $application->directory ] = $application; } } } return $_apps; }this method has changed since 4.0.8, it now requires a third parameter. this third parameter is ignored on line 319 of application.php, when it checks access and if the app is enabled, this throws an error on core for some reason.  this is the error it throws:
    Fatal error: Call to a member function canAccess() on a non-object in C:\wamp\www\development\system\Application\Application.php on line 31 
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  3. CodingJungle added a comment Removing An App Doesn't Remove all vestiges of it.   

    @Mark sorry didn't see the notifications for replies.  This problem seems at least persistent with CJ Menu (it is currently the only app I have that I know introduces theme settings. There is a thread in contributor that remind me of this problem.

    I've done a video to show the steps I took to recreate the problem.
    (its still processing on youtube, it should be done shortly).
    Basically if i uninstall cj menu, its theme settings remain behind. if i remove the folder, then theme settings will error out. I've included the theme settings json from cj menu.
    [ { "sc_key": "cjmenu_alt_arrow", "sc_type": "other", "sc_multiple": 0, "sc_content": "return new \\IPS\\Helpers\\Form\\Select('core_theme_setting_title_'.$row['sc_id'], $row['sv_value'] ? $row['sv_value'] : NULL, FALSE, array( 'options' => \\IPS\\cjmenu\\Core\\cjMenu::i()->fontAwesome() ) );", "sc_app": "cjmenu", "sc_default": "angle-right", "sc_tab_key": "cjmenu_theme_variables", "sc_show_in_vse": 0, "sc_title": "cjmenu_alt_arrow", "sc_order": 5 }, { "sc_key": "cjmenu_bars_cjmenu_child_background", "sc_type": "Color", "sc_multiple": 0, "sc_content": "[]", "sc_app": "cjmenu", "sc_default": "#ffffff", "sc_tab_key": "cjmenu_theme_variables", "sc_show_in_vse": 0, "sc_title": "themesetting_cjmenu_bars_cjmenu_child_background", "sc_order": 4 }, { "sc_key": "cjmenu_down_arrow", "sc_type": "other", "sc_multiple": 0, "sc_content": "return new \\IPS\\Helpers\\Form\\Select('core_theme_setting_title_'.$row['sc_id'], $row['sv_value'] ? $row['sv_value'] : NULL, FALSE, array( 'options' => \\IPS\\cjmenu\\Core\\cjMenu::i()->fontAwesome() ) );", "sc_app": "cjmenu", "sc_default": "angle-down", "sc_tab_key": "cjmenu_theme_variables", "sc_show_in_vse": 0, "sc_title": "cjmenu_down_arrow", "sc_order": 3 } ]The original setting was 'cjmenu_down_arrow', i've added the other two very recently, but it was happening before the addition of these two new theme settings. If you require cj menu to test this out, send me a PM i'll send you a copy to work with (I'm hoping its not cj menu specific however :))
  4. CodingJungle added a post in a topic Redactor jQuery editor instead of CKEditor
    I have a beta up of the redactor application on my site for all those interested in checking it out, it only appears in the forums ATM and you will need to register to be able to use it, if you discover a bug or something not working correctly, please use my bug tracker .
  5. CodingJungle added a post in a topic Redactor jQuery editor instead of CKEditor   

    I would tend to agree, mixing bbc with html is bad. 
    Creating plugins for cke and redactor are fairly simple, so there shouldn't be a need for bbc now days, other than you have people who are stuck in their ways. bbc was really just a way to keep html out of non-rte editors, but now days with things like htmlpurifier and htmlawed, not to mention the stuff the RTE's themselves are able to block, really is no need for it. 
  6. CodingJungle added a post in a topic Redactor jQuery editor instead of CKEditor   

    I'm working on a redactor implementation for IPS 4.0, Since i did one for 3.x for a custom job (which was not an easy task). for 4.0 there are a few things i have to work around, but for the most part it seems the html that redactor generates is compatible with the stuff IPS already has done. 
    The biggest hurdle i'm facing atm is the @mentions menu. there are stark differences in redactor and ckeditor, that are making a chore to convert this plugin over :).  Other than that, it is just a matter of adding in a few of the editor plugins that IPS has that redactor does not.  If i can't get the @mentions thing to work properly soon, I will probably release without it and have it as a future feature.
    I'll be releasing it under my own redactor premium license (which i've contact redactor over, told them what i was planning and they said that is allowed under the premium license). However the downside to this would be no other developer will be able to modify the core of redactor (without having their own premium license) and no one will be able to release plugins without having a basic license. if there is enough interest in it, I would be more than willing to upgrade to the OEM license to allow these things without restriction (when i mean interest, once i release it and sales are good).
    If any one has any questions about this addon, send me a PM or respond here. I'll answer any questions I can.
  7. CodingJungle added a comment IPS Connect and slave   

    this still appears to be a i to assume i should just build a custom.php to replace the problems areas?
  8. CodingJungle added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Template: Core:Global:Forms:Editor.phtml
    <ips:template parameters="$name, $value, $options, $toolbars, $postKey, $uploadControl, $emoticons" /> {{if !empty( $tags )}} <div class='ipsColumns ipsColumns_collapseTablet' data-controller='' data-tagFieldType='editor' data-tagFieldID='{$name}'> <div class='ipsColumn_fluid ipsColumn'> {{endif}} <div class='ipsComposeArea_editor' data-role="editor"> {template="editorRaw" group="forms" app="core" location="global" params="$name, $value, $options, $toolbars, $postKey, $uploadControl, $emoticons"} </div> {{if !empty( $tags )}} </div> <div class='ipsColumn_medium ipsColumn ipsAreaBackground_light ipsComposeArea_sidebar {{if !isset( \IPS\Request::i()->cookie['tagSidebar'] )}}ipsComposeArea_sidebarOpen{{else}}ipsComposeArea_sidebarClosed{{endif}}'> <a href='#' class="ipsJS_show" data-action='tagsToggle' data-ipsTooltip data-ipsTooltip-label="{lang="toggle_sidebar"}">{lang="toggle_sidebar"}</a> <h3 class='ipsAreaBackground ipsPad_half ipsType_reset' data-role='tagsHeader'>{lang="editor_tags"}</h3> <ul class='ipsList_reset ipsScrollbar' data-role='tagsList'> {{foreach $tags as $tagKey => $tagValue }} <li class='ipsPad_half'> <label class="ipsJS_show" data-tagKey="{$tagKey}">{$tagKey}</label> <div class='ipsJS_hide ipsType_light'><strong>{$tagKey}</strong></div> <div class='ipsType_light '>{$tagValue}</div> </li> {{endforeach}} </ul> </div> </div> {{endif}}It appears $tags isn't defined in the templates parameters.
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  9. CodingJungle added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Plugin Hook File Creation
    IPS\Db\Exception thrown with message "Data too long for column 'filename' at row 1" Stacktrace: #13 IPS\Db\Exception in /home/michael/public_html/ips/system/Db/Db.php:389 #12 IPS\_Db:preparedQuery in /home/michael/public_html/ips/system/Db/Db.php:604 #11 IPS\_Db:insert in /home/michael/public_html/ips/system/Patterns/ActiveRecord.php:409 #10 IPS\Patterns\_ActiveRecord:save in /home/michael/public_html/ips/system/Plugin/Hook.php:95 #9 IPS\Plugin\_Hook:devTable in /home/michael/public_html/ips/applications/core/modules/admin/applications/plugins.php:846 #8 IPS\core\modules\admin\applications\_plugins:_manageHooks in <#unknown>:0 #7 call_user_func in /home/michael/public_html/ips/applications/core/modules/admin/applications/plugins.php:783 #6 IPS\core\modules\admin\applications\_plugins:developer in <#unknown>:0 #5 call_user_func in /home/michael/public_html/ips/system/Dispatcher/Controller.php:85 #4 IPS\Dispatcher\_Controller:execute in /home/michael/public_html/ips/init.php:427 #3 IPS\Dispatcher\hook1039:execute in /home/michael/public_html/ips/system/Node/Controller.php:63 #2 IPS\Node\_Controller:execute in /home/michael/public_html/ips/applications/core/modules/admin/applications/plugins.php:39 #1 IPS\core\modules\admin\applications\_plugins:execute in /home/michael/public_html/ips/system/Dispatcher/Dispatcher.php:129 #0 IPS\_Dispatcher:run in /home/michael/public_html/ips/admin/index.php:13 this was the filename i was trying to use, spotIMCoreModulesFrontSystemPlugins
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  10. CodingJungle added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    public function post( $data=NULL ) { /* Specify that this is a POST request */ curl_setopt( $this->curl, CURLOPT_POST, TRUE ); /* Set the data */ if ( !$this->modifiedContentType and is_array( $data ) ) { $data = http_build_query( $data ); } curl_setopt( $this->curl, CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS, $data ); /* Execute */ $response = $this->_execute(); /* Either return it or follow it */ if ( $this->followRedirects and ( $response->httpResponseCode == 302 OR $response->httpResponseCode == 301 ) ) { $newRequest = \IPS\Http\Url::external( $response->httpHeaders['Location'] )->request( $this->timeout, $this->httpVersion, is_int( $this->followRedirects ) ? ( $this->followRedirects - 1 ) : $this->followRedirects ); return call_user_func_array( array( $newRequest, 'post' ), $params ); } return $response; }online 263, $params is undefined
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  11. CodingJungle added a comment Contributor's Center: Marketplace API Pull Request
    same account, going to it at 2 different times, the api key changes.
  12. CodingJungle added a comment Contributor's Center: Marketplace API Pull Request   

    @Mark another thing i've noticed, My API key keeps changing....
  13. CodingJungle added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Contributor's Center: Marketplace API Pull Request

    when i attempt to do a pull request, this is what is sent in the response.
    edit: attachments resizes too small...
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  14. CodingJungle added a comment [4.0.4] Pages: Database categories do not display custom templates   

    also doesn't honor the templates for choosing "Show Records like articles" in database settings.