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  1. Custom Moderator Team Page

    no it will not. IPS 4.x has "staff directory" which more or less does everything this mod does.
  2. PHP7 Compatibility

    thanks for the heads up, was considering upgrading the server this week :). btw @Lindy try to get them on IPS, their forum is horrible.
  3. CJ Duplicate Member Logger

    Version 1.0.2


    CJ Duplicate Member Logger Logs members who use multiple accounts on the same computer/browser to access your site.  Features: Logs member accounts and possible alts Automatic responses (like PM/AutoBans) ACP/MCP interfaces to view and handle infringers (allows you to ban alts/main account, email, delete alts) Exclude Goups/Members (Exclude groups and Members from being logged) Exclude Members Notes (leave a note about why a member is excluded) NOTE: Requires min php 5.4 and IPS 4.1.4 (due to the use of traits)


  4. CJ Media System

    Version 1.0.1


    CJ Media System: This is a Media System to allow you to add video/audio/images from popular media sites out there. Out of the box it supports SoundCloud and Youtube. If the API's are enabled for these, then the system will pull a thumbnail/title/description/tags from the API and create a media item. It is also capable of pulling media links from your IPS applications or any application that uses the content class (items and comments mainly)*. Features: Category Permissions. allows you to set who can view/read/add/edit/reply for the media items. Uses Suite permissions for moderation. Can pull media links from content items/comments. (if the default category permission allows that user and the api's are enabled). Local thumbnail storage. Quick adding. if the api's are enabled, just enter the URL and select a category and the media item will be built. if the api's are disabled, it will show a add form. If media item is pulled from a content item/comment, will display a follow back link. all item features enabled: pinnable, featured, report, share, etc. Follow item/category (follow doesn't notify if media is pulled in via content item/comment). Hookable API: to allow additional services to be added. additional plugins can be found on my site (requires registration to download) (* this only works on the field listed as "content" for item/comment class)


  5. Contributor Center

    small suggestion, can you add in the ability to order our apps? by like most purchases, highest price, etc?
  6. Editor

    @Mark I feel this topic was moved due to IPS obvious prejudice for people with "desk cats", I implore you to reconsider :)
  7. Editor

    big dog has thrown a scared exception...(the dogs are terrified of the cat for some reason...)
  8. Editor

    I've tried, it knows its way home...
  9. Editor

    can we not have the code or link or for that matter any of the modal popups close if you accidentally click off onto the page? cause i have a "desk cat" who will decide for no reason to attack my mouse and that is extremely annoying if i'm doing a code guide
  10. Keyword Tooltips

    Version 2.0.5


    Allows you to define certain key words or phrases which, when used in any of the enable/supported applications, can be hover/clicked over to get a popup with more information which you have defined. This popup can contain whatever content you like, such as term definitions. Features: Any application that uses the content item class (all of IPS applications work) Group Settings to add/delete/hide/edit/change author. Profile Tab to show contributed keywords. Shows up in activity stream. Keyword lists with filtering. Keyword Statistics Rules App integration (by kevin carwile) Note: works only with IPS 4.1 (if installed on 4.0, the front navigation will error out). PHP 5.4 minimum (using specific things found in php 5.4+).


  11. any chance of adblock detector for ips4?

  12. I found who you are. :smile:

  13. v4 downloads is useless for anything but basic use.

    Have you checked the ACP->statistics for download stats?
  14. remove gap between lines of text

    If you want the editor body to have the same "look" you can edit the css for the editor, it is in applications/core/interface/ckeditor/ckeditor/skins/ips/content.css (this is assuming you are running the default theme, if not, find your theme folder instead and alter its content.css), add this to the end of it.p { margin:0px;}