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  1. Group Color on User Link

    works great thanks for this update  any advice for my website let me know,  i could return the favor with a advertsiment of something great work
  2. new help with transfer

    If you would like to use your own domain, please select a temporary domain and then contact technical support after purchai'am about to puchase so i go ahead and do this and then what i point my name servers to you guys from namecheap correct
  3. new help with transfer

    ok i got the domain in progress to be transfered to namecheap.... so now do i make account with you guys and set up a new site?
  4. new help with transfer

    ok i kind of a rookie with this... so first i need to purchase a plain here correct?
  5. new help with transfer

    ok i have my epp key... just want to know how easy it is to move my domain over here.. once i buy the package from you guys any help would be great thanks
  6. Hello Invision

    My name is charles i'am the owner of http://www.TransAMGrafx.Com and wanted to buy your software and install the forums you have here there awesome....but i have only one prob i don't think will allow me to install it.....if any one could help me with this issue will be great thanks, charles
  7. Group Color on User Link