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  1. mysterland_bird.png

    From the album PANL

  2. Gallery Rebuild

    Strange, this doesn't fix it. I think I need to recount & sync album. But this option is gone..ok thnx anyway :-)
  3. Gallery Rebuild

    Anyone? :)
  4. Gallery Rebuild

    Hi,I can't find the place where to rebuild my gallery.We switch albums between 2 category's. when a album is moved, you still see pictures from the moved album in the gallery page (on the old category).Now i know how to rebuild this in ipb 3.0 but don't in ipb 4.0. and why is this not included in the System Scheduler?ok thnx
  5. PM Viewer v4.0

    Hi all,Is there any idea if the PM Viewer will come back in Ipb 4.0? this is one of the most important plugins i use.Greetings,PANL
  6. Hi,i receive a message on work. now i'm wondering if my computer is infected.  
  7. shoutbox for 4.0

    ​I don't like it when the sidebar is on the same height as the shoutbox. i prefer it as a hook location, or a option to change it so the sidebar will be under the shoutbox.
  8. minimal 4 characters for username

    Hi,Yes it's possible to put the limit of the search to 3, but i don't think this will be a good idea for the database.Thanks for searching a salutation. i think this only can be fixt by a plugin.. All right i think i know enough 
  9. Hi,I'm wondering if it's possible to limit the characters in a username. Sometimes users registrate with 3 characters, after that you can't search them because the search limit is minimal 4.someone any idea how to fix this?
  10. shoutbox for 4.0

    screenshots screenshots screenshots! 
  11. Shoutbox v4.0

    hi,i'm not sure if the shoutbox is a product from a author or ips.But one thing I know, I love it. Now with version 4 I really like to use it again, but can't find it.Is there any release date or beta available? Greetings,Panl
  12. What happened with Gallery?

    Same here...
  13. Anyone know this? the staff?
  14. Hi,There is a option "Show on the board index after forum" to show gallery category's after a forum.Now i don't see this option in ips4 show and i use it very much. Now i'm wondering, will this come back.Greetings,PANL