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  1. Private albums with IP.G 5

    Create a ticket at the client area, they can create the category for you.
  2. Private albums with IP.G 5

    After the update from 4.2.x to 5, I don't have such a category.
  3. Private albums with IP.G 5

    How can I create a category where members are allowed to create private albums? I can't find any option for this ...
  4. Drag and drop forum and categories

    Old topic, but is there something for 3.3? I can only find this for 3.1 and this feature is really cool.
  5. Hi there If I add a event that is, for example, starting tomorrow at 9am and ending at 11am at the same day, the generated iCal-File says: DTSTART;TZID=Europe/London:20120316T090000Z DTEND;TZID=Europe/London:20120317T110000Z So it's too long, one day, all the time ... Board 3.2.3, Calendar 3.2.2 Edit: I have solved the problem by adding the "event_all_day"-switch at the else if - section after line 351 @ icalendar.php
  6. [HQ] Mass PM