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  1. [XI] Server Management

    Will this be converted for ips 4? Would be interested in buying it when it is.
  2. (GS34) Server List

    Will buy when developed for ips 4.
  3. Tracker

    same answer as Hrd, does this work with the new ips 4.x, if not, how can I obtain the version of tracker ips uses?
  4. 3.2 Avatars...

    If I get what you guys are saying, it is limited to the 100x100 box? Well I dont know how, but I managed to change some stuff and got it so I can have default square or if you say put in a rectangle image in, its doesnt shrink below the 100, it just extends the width to say "150px" to accomodate the size, so I can have square or rectangle images as long as height is 100px.
  5. Cut Quotes

    I completley agree. Instead of the quotes being cut, they sohuld have an option to expand and show full quote!