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  1. SimpleUploads for ckeditor

    Keep an eye on for CKEditor 4.5 compatibility. Or Although, may be an issue if IPS4 strips base64 content upon submission.  
  2. View in Desktop/Full mode for mobile

    Create a new theme, disable the responsiveness. Then call it "Full theme for mobile" or something.
  3. Main menu link in sub menu too (mobile)

    'Intentional' depends on what the intention is, which is what would have been a good following up question on the bug report -> "What is the intention?" If the intention is to show what sub-menu is being displayed then slightly indenting the sub-menu items under the section, and removing a link from that section indicator, would avoid any confusion here. For example, currently clicking Browse displays the following: < Back Browse Forums Gallery Blogs Calendar Chat Guidelines Staff Online Users Each of the above has a link associated with it. However, do the following and it removes confusion in my opinion: < Back Browse (and remove the associated link)   Forums   Gallery   Blogs   Calendar   Chat   Guidelines   Staff   Online Users
  4. Option to hide post under moderation

    Nope - I'd read the first post only, and my response is to that request (maybe I should have quoted to appease everyone) - you would think that the "5 seconds to do the hide from the top" would make it plain what I was offering anywya. Anyway - the post is already 'hidden' as it is under moderation - hence the hide not being available. To then hide that hidden item you could add the above to custom.css. The rest of what you guys are discussing - no idea, not going to offer a suggestion or solution, mainly because I'm not clear on what it is you are discussing (don't take that as a request to restate it - I'll probably not be able to offer a solution if it involves anything other than existing board functionality)  
  5. Option to hide post under moderation

    5 seconds to do the hide from the topic - do this in the custom.css .ipsModerated { display:none; } I'm sure it could possibly be refined further. You will still be able to see the item in 'hidden content' in the modcp.
  6. 4.1 Search functionality - bring back AND searches!

      Read the comments.  
  7. Community offline message as static HTML-file

    I usually just rename the index.php, and then rename another file I've got to index.html (or .php, if it's got PHP in it) And reverse once complete.
  8. Code block scroll bar?

    My fresh out of the box install didn't need it, in fact. (you can go ahead and edit the CSS on here with browser developer tools and see that it works fine without adding the overflow's applied already in IPS's own css)
  9. Code block scroll bar?

    custom.css pre.ipsCode{ max-height:500px; }  
  10. Naming for spoilers

    Ah that's a shame - that was working sweet on the majority of 4.0.x releases. Just got round to upgrading my test install to (from 4.0.10) and it's not working anymore. Bugger.
  11. Naming for spoilers

    Go ahead and implement it yourself - easy.    
  12. Editor resizing

    Install the resize plugin (4.4.8 version for IPS4.0.x) ACP -> Customization -> (Editor) Toolbars -> Add Button
  13. Just changed my domain but problem occured

    More information - what did you actually do? Did you edit any of the board configuration? Where did you make the change? My suggestion - raise a ticket.
  14. The new browser notifications - a small but nice change, if possible

    It's not important enough to make that decision.