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  1. PHP7 Compatibility

    Do you mean "Is it supported now?" - the answer is no, it isn't supported.
  2. Split topic

    You need to provide more information....or raise a support ticket.... "Did I do something wrong?" Provide the exact steps you performed. Maybe provide a bigger screenshot that gives the full picture (excuse the pun) instead of just the message you see.
  3. Only complaints going from 3.4.9 to 4.1.8

    Created when it was 4.0.x - test it on 4.1.x before using it live.    
  4. PHP7 Compatibility

    IPS doesn't officially support PHP7. IPS4 does run on PHP7. However, people have seen issues in their environments. It's up to you if you want to run it on PHP7 but remember number 1 if you run in to issues.
  5. Custom BBCodes gone after upgrade to 4.0.1?

    iframe - first introduced in IE back in 1997...made part of the HTML 4 standard with Transitional and still fine to use in HTML 5 Post up the BBCODE that your users enter (along with the 2 parameters) and then post up the resulting code that this creates (ie the html) and let's see if we can help a bit more.
  6. You already know that (youtube embeds) has been logged as a bug, mate. So, are you saying that this bug isn't fixed on this site (as it now runs 4.1.8)? When 4.1.8 comes out, I'll go through all the embeds and check exactly which ones still have an issue instead of being general about it.
  7. A way to ban certain guests by ip!

    A very good point.
  8. A way to ban certain guests by ip!

    Hmmmm.....anyone fancy sending me their IP address via PM for a quick test on my IPB 3.4.9 site?
  9. IP.Board 3.4.9 Released
  10. Can't see lightbox nav arrows when on white images

    The arrows are font-awesome icons, so look at to see the icons available. Using the gallery specifically, the selectors for the left/right icons are: #elGalleryImageNav_next > i.fa-angle-left:before{ } #elGalleryImageNav_next > i.fa-angle-right:before{ } Not sure if you can add anything much to them using css, but if you want to change them to a different icon then the following would change them to the arrow-left and arrow-right equivalents (again, see that link above) #elGalleryImageNav_next > i.fa-angle-left:before{ content: "\f060"; } #elGalleryImageNav_next > i.fa-angle-right:before{ content: "\f061"; }  
  11. A way to ban certain guests by ip!

    Give your moderators group ACP access and restrict it down to allow them to use the 'Ban Settings' and then they can add the IP addresses there - or does that have zero effect on guests?
  12. Editor keyboard shortcuts

    So what you should really ask for is: "Dear IPS - for your plugins that replace native ckeditor plugins (for example, ipslink and ipsquote etc), could you please implement a corresponding keyboard shortcut that will allow those to be called without the need to click the button. In the event that this is implemented, but then someone chooses to add one of those native plugins back to their ckeditor configuration (and thus claims back one of the default shortcuts) could you also provide a method that would allow an admin to configure these via the ACP. For example - the native link plugin uses Ctrl+L as a shortcut. If that is overridden (see here for the code to achieve this) so that Ctrl + L is used for ipslink instead, we could then override it again to allow CTRL + SHIFT + L instead (see that thread again) Please."
  13. Editor keyboard shortcuts

    I've already given you the "how do we do these......" in your other thread.
  14. Button to remove formatting