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  1. Let's vote for Post Preview feature

    Will this feature incorporate, or simply be, the ckeditor plugin 'maximize'?  
  2. Community members don't like all the IPB changes.

    This demonstrates a bit better what it is that he wants to be able to do......   Which can't be done because: a) you can't set a title on the spoiler b) the new spoiler can't be nested if you use the old bbcode....I believe this did parse previously: [spoiler][/spoiler] Which means that the following doesn't work for nesting it: [spoiler][spoiler][/spoiler][/spoiler] It does nest if you click the spoiler icon, enter some text then click the icon again and fill out some text.... Spoiler Testing Spoiler Testing again. Spoiler And again. Spoiler And again        
  3. Install & Upgrade [idea]

    Automated upgrade, if/when it works, uploads only the changed files. If that fails to work, then the ACP displays button which links to a zip that only includes the changed files. The only time that ALL the files are included is if the full package is downloaded from the client centre.
  4. iOS App?

    There is not currently an app for mobile. There is a discussion going on about IPS potentially producing one again, but I suspect you won't have access to view it:    
  5. IPS 4 Profile URL

    Already do have the option - edit a group, find the 'Display Name Changes' section and turn off 'Allow display name changes'
  6. Yep, I performed the same steps the other day to update curl on my server and PHP is all good with the later version, with no additional steps other than the above. Just need to make sure of that kick of the web server to get it loaded so that phpinfo shows the updated version.
  7. Double empty lines after upgrade. Plan to fix this?

    You missed an important step - BACKUP THE DATABASE.
  8. Show IP-Address on mobile devices

  9. Show IP-Address on mobile devices

    Edit theme html Template is forums -> front -> topics -> post Find <span class='ipsResponsive_hidePhone'>(<a href="{url="app=core&module=modcp&controller=modcp&tab=ip_tools&ip=$comment->ip_address" seoTemplate="modcp_ip_tools"}">{lang="ip_prefix" sprintf="$comment->ip_address"}</a>) &middot;</span> Remove the following, and save: class='ipsResponsive_hidePhone'  
  10. Now Hiring: Support

    If I wasn't already a telecommuter then I'd be tempted by this - you guys couldn't afford me though  
  11. Missing Features? IPB 4.1.x

    Email are hidden from others (unless they are moderator/admin) already.
  12. Why are long URLs not shortened in 4.x ?

    The reasoning might be simply that it hasn't been thought of within the functionality of their auto-linking plugin (ipsautolink) - shouldn't be a difficult change at all, simply detect how long the url is and then display a shortened version when creating the link.  
  13. Why are long URLs not shortened in 4.x ?

    Of course - a long url is a long url is a long url. My example took the first long URL I could find.
  14. Why are long URLs not shortened in 4.x ?

    On 3.4.8 - when you paste a long URL and submit....the long URL is shortened: Here is the result using the same URL on here (auto parsed to a link, not pressed return so as to avoid auto-embedding)