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    I was a vBulletin customer for almost ten years before I switched (switched from a heavily modified version of vBulletin 3.8.7) over to IP.Board less than a year ago. At first I hated IPB. Everything costs money. A simple mod that was free on vBulletin costed money on IPB. I also felt that it was way easier to learn vBulletin than it was to learn IPB. Now that I finally got my mind wrapped around IPB (it took nearly six months to do so) and what it is capable of I absolutely love it.

    I would never ever consider vBulletin or any other forum platform again no matter they put out. I just think that at the moment, IP.Board has a better foundation than any other platform out there.

    My forum has just under 40,000 topics and 650,000 posts.
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    XRumer 7.7.35 ELITE
    A spammer/robot posted this as spam on my forum. I guess he's spamming my forum on how he/she is going to spam my forum. Just thought I'd post this in case anyone hasn't seen it yet and so you guys can be aware about this tool.

    I hope IPS is aware of this.

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  3. CrashPush added a comment on a file News Block   

    This simple but powerful block gave me the excuse I needed to finally ditch IP.Contents flawed (at least to me) article system.

    I'll repeat what Gerry wrote, This block is worth every bit of what it costs. I'm glad I found this block.
  4. CrashPush added a comment on a file Current   

    Can this skin be used in a fixed form? Let's say 1000px wide?