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  1. phuddle added a project in Projects   

    A Better Record Feed
    I would like a better record feed block for IPS4. Currently, it is pretty bad, showing more like a forum than something people would want to click. 
    I would like the feed to be the featured image of the article with the title. This would draw many more eyeballs to it and increase clicks. 
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  2. phuddle added a post in a topic Introducing ForumMob! - White label mobile apps for IPB   

    Will version 4 be supported at that time? 
  3. phuddle added a post in a topic I´m sad!!!!   

    They made very clear test sites are not supported. 
    Not sure why anyone would assume otherwise... except for narcissism.
  4. phuddle added a post in a topic Paypal subscriptions 4.0 no longer work, IPS says to cancel them?? Can't you create a legacy gateway?   

    As someone that just upgraded to 4.0 last week and uses paypal subscriptions for revenue I can tell you this is a very valid concern. If this was brought to my attention last week I probably would not have upgraded.
    Here is what happens, at least on my board....
    Paypal continues to charge the subscription, you continue to get subscription fees. IPS is unaware that a payment is made, so subscribers lose subscription status and privileges, so naturally they contact you about it. An admin must then go and give them their privileges back manually. 
    We are not cancelling our paypal subscriptions at the moment as IPS has advised. Instead we are adjusting as needed and asking our members to cancel their own subscription and re-up under the new system, which luckily they are happy to do. (happy customers are great)
    We will continue to keep an eye on the paypal subscriptions manually and make the needed adjustments. 
    As an aside, credit card payments aren't working for us either. The month of the card expiration defaults back to January and of course the transaction doesn't go through. Still waiting on a fix for that from support. 
    As a second aside, out revenue from advertisements have gone up significantly under IPS4 as it loads much faster, increasing views, CPMs, and everything else. 
  5. phuddle added a topic in Product Feedback   

    Different ad code per screen size
    I have seen many wordpress themes that allow you to input different code for an ad in any given location depending on the screen size. 
    Could their be another drop down in the advertisements section of ACP that specifies not only where to place the ad but for which size screen? 
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  6. phuddle added a post in a topic Gallery SEO Suggestion...   

    or not...

    Until this change is made SEO in is non existent.
  7. phuddle added a post in a topic Gallery SEO Suggestion...   

    Google images LOVES descriptive filenames and those with them are going to beat me every time.
  8. phuddle added a post in a topic Gallery SEO Suggestion...   

    Anyone have any ideas? All the seo for is fairly meaningless if it does not allow for descriptive filenames. I am getting my arse kicked out there soley because of this.

    Is there maybe a work around?
  9. phuddle added a comment on a blog entry IP.Gallery 5.0: Some Further Changes   

    Can we stop IP.Gallery from renaming the actual files to a series of digits? This is killing the SEO ability of IP.Gallery. I use descriptive file names for a reason.
  10. phuddle added a topic in IP.Gallery   

    Gallery SEO Suggestion...
    Unless I am missing something, gallery automatically renames photo files to a series of digits. That is awful for google images SEO which pays a whole lot of attention to the image titles.

    I spend a lot of time naming my photos with relevant keywords, but it makes no difference because when I look at google images and search for my site photos, they are all indexed with the numbers that IPGallery assigned to them

    Is there a way to turn off the file renaming?,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.r_qf.&fp=a49e6ad3b4697dff&biw=1920&bih=923

    My images... filenames are awful.
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  11. phuddle added a comment on a file Sports Pick 'Ems Application   

    Also, the "Leaderboard link" on your app takes me to your SEC website, not real useful for my website.
  12. phuddle added a comment on a file Sports Pick 'Ems Application   

    Great idea. Paid 25 bucks. Installed fine.

    Added pool.. fine

    Try to add teams, get....

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /public_html/boards/admin/applications_addon/other/pickems/modules_public/pickems/pickems.php on line 1377

    Figured out that you must have an image link inputted for this to work. This should not be the case as many teams are very strict with their logo and will send cease and desist letters .

    Seems to work fine now that I have created a generic image to use for the teams.
  13. phuddle added a post in a topic Controlling image display in 3.2   

    I have to have an option for members ability to hide or disable avatar viewing. Without it, I am forced to go back to your competition. It seems like a very basic function that is crucial to many communities.