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  1. Amazon AWS CDN Intergration The biggest advantage is the ability to serve the images over HTTP or HTTPS though. IP NEXUS owners are not able to use "Use https for sensitive information?" option without breaking all images served on that page and triggering a browser warning of a non-secure website.
  2. Limit Number of Images in Category

    Hi Brandon - Thank you for the response and explanation. That is a good question and I would expect the "100 image limit" to apply to each user individually based on what group they belonged to. For example, basic members could upload 100 images while paid members would see their limit increased to 500 images. Thanks again! Chad
  3. Hi IPB, Currently IP.Gallery allows a category upload limit based only on disk quotas specified for given groups. I would like to see the option to limit the category uploads allowed based on images (i.e., basic members are allowed to upload 100 images to the gallery). This option is currently allowed for albums but not for categories. There are two main reasons that I'd think this feature would be beneficial. 1.) Usability - my community members are not that savoy from an IT standpoint. They don't know the difference between a megabyte and kilobyte, but they would understand if they are allowed to upload 10 more images. Currently: You have used 36.64K of 9.77mb (max per upload: 9.73mb) Newly Proposed: You have used 15 of 100 image uploads 2.) The "Max per upload" gets readjusted based on how much disk space the end user has left available without consideration to how much actual server space the image they are uploading is actually going to take up. For example: a user has 4MB of space left, they try and upload a 5MB image and are unable to because system thinks that will put them over the quota even though we resize the image and do not keep the originals so this 5MB image only actually takes up 50K of space but user is rejected from upload. IP.Gallery already has this feature built into the albums so hopefully part of the framework is already there for this option to be implemented. Thank you in advance for your consideration. Kind regards, Chad
  4. Amazon S3 for Gallery Uploads: Request

    Would love to see this option as well. +1 If there is a way to do this, does anyone know how or could explain further?