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  1. Prune/mass move topics

    + 1
  2. Pages: Promote to Article

    Move.  We use the forums for comments, so if it is already in the right forum, no harm.  If it isn't in the right forum, then it gets moved.
  3. Pages: Promote to Article

    We use it for our "Reader Reviews" section.  Mostly, there are just a bunch of us admins that write the car review, but occasionally, a lay-user will write up a car that they drove recently and we will promote that to an article.I also have one mod who refuses to use the articles system for reasons beyond understanding. When he posts his articles in his Tesla and Fisker forums, I manually promote them to the front page.
  4. IP.Content to Pages: the nightmare on IPS Street

    Since this may or may not have been a reference to my post in the other thread discussing block filters, I'll go over the ones I use:Block for article feedsCategory FilterRecord VisibilityRecord Pin StatusColumn Sort OrderOrder DirectionOffsetLimitBlock for forum feedsTopic StatusForums filterHonor Forum PermissionsRoot Level Forums OnlyTopic VisibilityMinimum PostsColumn to Sort ByOrder DirectionOffsetLimitStarted by (filter by friends) - though this will be rendered useless without the Friends system in place.
  5. Why is it not possible to buy Core only?

    I disagree somewhat.  I could make blocks using the existing filters. I could get a sample template from the market place and put those blocks on it and hack it into place. I can't get anywhere with Pages at the moment.  I'm going to have to hire someone to make a 4.0 version of my current portal and articles.
  6. IP.Content to Pages: the nightmare on IPS Street

    At the moment, you can't re-do your blocks without resorting to manual coding.  I have a number of blocks that I built in 3.4.x that are just stock blocks with filters. All but one of those filters is missing in 4.0.
  7. Why is it not possible to buy Core only?

    If there is no upgrade path to 4.0 to make my website work the way it does today on the new software, then Pages is worth $0 to me.   I knew that I would need to recreate my blocks for Pages, but I can't even recreate my existing ones because only one of the filtering options have made it over. Copy forum post to a Pages article is still in "Coming Soon" mode - We use this with some frequency.  But until it moves from Coming Soon to Complete, I can't upgrade.There are no sample blocks/pages/templates included ... at least if one upgrades an existing installation. I have no idea what it looks like if it is a fresh install.And the previously mentioned documentation.I'm sure that Pages is just great if one is a coder, but for those of us who aren't coders but were able to make Content 3.4.x work, Pages is incomplete. 
  8. Why is it not possible to buy Core only?

    Pages in it's current condition isn't even worth $50.  It's not just the documentation.... it is simply incomplete. 
  9. 3.4 Features missing in 4.0

    Where can I get in on this? It would save me a lot of time posting here.
  10. This.   I didn't mind to much that I would have to recreate my blocks and I'm willing to invest my time to do so.... but I have to actually be able to do 
  11. All of them.  Different sites have different blocks that have different filtering needs.  The fact that category is missing is mind blowing.  It is just one in the list of reasons that 4.0 remains unusable as a product for me. 
  12. Introducing ForumMob! - White label mobile apps for IPB

    There is going to be an additional charge per IPS app?  Am I reading that right?
  13. So IPB4 deletes users accounts without warning?

    Interesting bug if true.
  14. Introducing ForumMob! - White label mobile apps for IPB

    I am interested once Content can be the main landing page of the app.