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  1. Image Optimization

    I am interested in your OptiPNG and Jpeg scripts for Cron if you're willing to share. I don't want to strip the meta data, I'm looking for compression and max image size to reduce overall file size.
  2. IP.Board 3.4 End of Support

    I don't take it personally.  I've resigned myself to the fact that it will take months if not years to get things done, and that to get anything done I have to be a really squeaky wheel, and while I'm waiting I continue to fall behind in website technology.   The front end author change functionality is something that we have in 3.4 and how do you know what people use or don't use aside from the relatively low take rate on Content/Pages?   It's not like I was asking for new, never before seen functionality, it was something that was left behind in the move to 4.0.  It is one of those frustrating "Hey! Wait! I was using that!" types of things that many site owners complained about on the 4.0.   Again, it isn't an upgrade show stopper, but lets be honest here, how long and how much of your resources would it have really taken up to code that one?   Part of my RSS notes are actually a bug and I should be opening up a bug report on it, but I'm dedicating resources to other things. It will be ready when its ready.  I know you're not forcing me to upgrade, but you are forcing me to pay a support contract for support you will no longer be providing if I want continued access to 4.x for development purposes while running a 3.4 site. 
  3. IP.Board 3.4 End of Support

    Point 1 - What is greatly missing is developer support for add-ons that we have come to rely on. I have lists of add-ons I want and I'm willing to pay marketplace prices for, but (nearly) all of my suggestions have gone ignored.  We need some sort of kick starter like area where we site owners can submit development ideas and others can sign on to commit money to the project. Then some dev comes along and picks up the project when they see enough support for it. Point 2 - Some fairly basic functionality requests I've made to IPS have gone completely ignored by staff, only to have a marketplace developer code it 10 months later in under 12 hours (I pointed it out to him one evening, he was done with it and submitted to the marketplace the next morning). While that particular functionality request isn't a deal breaker for upgrading to 4.x, there are others that are. RSS output for Pages is still borked and part of it goes back to some rudimentary fields they left out of the articles database that are available in 3.4.x.  Yes, you can recreated those fields in 4.x and they will carry over from a 3.4.x upgrade, but because they aren't there by default, the RSS feed won't pick them up. These are just two of the issues that I reported 10 months ago and have had zero traction on from IPS, and thus I have zero confidence in the repeated assurances that IPS listens to customer concerns. They may hear them, but they don't listen.  If they listened, then such simple fixes would have been taken care of months ago.  Such oversights on IPS' part in 4.0 make me very hesitant to upgrade from 3.4, yet they want to force me into upgrading to 4.0 just so they don't have to support my 3.4 board that I pay the support contract on.  It's too soon to be dropping support for 3.4 IPS.... just too soon.
  4. IP Content Author Changing

    Don't feel bad.  I asked for the front end edit from IPS a while ago since we had it in 3.4 and was ignored too.   One of the devs stepped in to make it.      
  5. Introducing ForumMob! - White label mobile apps for IPB

    Thanks.  I have enough of a list that I could beat IPS 4.x / Pages into the extremely powerful publishing platform I see it has the potential to be..... But I'm not a developer.
  6. Introducing ForumMob! - White label mobile apps for IPB

    The last few posts illustrate a long term frustration I've had with IPS as a platform.  There is a huge disconnect between what us forum owners are interested in and what developers are developing.   I have from time to time approached developers about app ideas for the marketplace (some of which are just an app that is similar to a plug-in for Wordpress), only to be ignored 98% of the time.   I have a whole list of ideas to be developed and that would sell on the marketplace, but no way to get them done. There needs to be some sort of kickstarter area where someone can submit an app idea, then those of us who are interested in it can commit some money to the project to get it started and demonstrate interest, and a developer can pick up the project to work on it and sell it in the marketplace. @BariatricPal - While I am interested in a white label app, I am not interested in one for 3.4 even though my community is currently running 3.4. I'm not investing any time/money into 3.4 and putting everything into a move to 4.x, so why spend money on a 3.4 app?  So you're right that I am unwilling to pay for a 3.4 app... and there is my reasoning. 
  7. [Missing] Pages - Article Author (Front End Edit)

    One of our fine Marketplace developers @Adriano Faria is coming to our rescue on this.
  8. [Missing] Gallery under "Insert Other Media"

    Great. Just registering my wish for this feature.
  9. [Missing] Gallery under "Insert Other Media"

    Yes, sharing an album from "insert other media" is what I'm looking for.
  10. [Missing] Gallery under "Insert Other Media"

    looking, brb I have gallery item, but that's just a single attachment, not an entire album.
  11. Under Insert Other Media, it would be nice to have Gallery as an option.   I know you can do it by pasting the link to the gallery page and that works fine on a full size device, but multiple tabs and copy/pasting links on mobile devices can sometimes be frustrating.  In 3.4   I could see "Blog Entries" and "Events" being useful to other site owners as well for the same reason.  
  12. What is the point of activity stream?

      This would be a big problem for me. When auto show time rolls around, we upload hundreds of pictures over dozens of albums. I would only want the Album to show (if at all) in the stream, not hundreds of pictures.   My gallery is largely not used by my user to upload things, but by myself and my writers to attach to articles. 
  13. Pages URLs Problem

    This sounds like another of Kevin's add-ons that I"ll need to buy once I can move to 4.x
  14. Community members don't like all the IPB changes.

    Related to Insert Other Media: It would be nice if there were Insert Gallery Album and Insert Gallery Item options.  We use this often for building articles. I assume that others might want the Blog Entries and Events options... I could see those being useful in scenarios other than my own.  
  15. 4.1.4 - unread content extremely slow

    I am having the same issue on this site.