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  1. Classifieds

    I appreciate the frustration but with the release of 4.1 official support volume is obviously very high. I am trying as hard as possible to get the 4.x version ready but I won't release a product until I'm 100% sure it isn't going to cause me considerably more support volume. If you absolutely need a product asap then I would encourage you to look at other alternatives. Until we're at a point where we're into consistent maintenance releases my priorities must be with official projects. The project is not abandoned but I can't make any promises other than it will be ready when it's ready.
  2. hello. maybe you can find 1 min an answered in classifieds topic. We all wait. Thanks

  3. Hi Andy ! i know you're busy, but any idea when we could expect a release of Classified ? tx a lot ! :)

  4. Classifieds

    I am still working on development but I do realise that my available time is not sufficient to work on this alongside IPS commitments long term with the current arrangement. There will be a 4.x version asap and I am considering a few options to make sure the project does not die after that time.
  5. Hello Andy, is there any ETA for your plugin Classifieds

  6. Classifieds

    Everything is still as in my last reply. A release *approximately* at the end of July. It won't be in July fyi but I am not far off.
  7. Why does the Invision Power logo looks like a V?

    you laugh but who remembers this?
  8. Koala.jpg

  9. Please restore date format editing ability in IPS4

    ​Please re-read the topic as the behaviour you are expecting is explained in detail here. Dates are formatted according to the locale you set up in the ACP. If you are seeing dates in an American format and not for your region then you most likely have the locale set up incorrectly. The use of AM and PM is also determined based on the chosen locale. Some have expressed the desire to split date formatting away from the language selection which we don't disagree with and as Mark mentioned we will be considering this for future releases.
  10. AJAX pagination with Google Adsense

    When using Google Adsense adverts you may notice that page navigation no longer works as expected. This is caused by Google requiring that adverts are not loaded using AJAX. To resolve this issue you can disable AJAX pagination using the built in theme settings.ACP > Customization > Themes > {your theme name} > Edit > Custom > "Use AJAX pagination" 
  11. Classifieds

    I am still working towards the schedule posted by @Speedo a couple of posts ago. This is *not* a definitive release date but it will be approximately correct based on my current progress.
  12. Classifieds

    Classifieds has not yet been updated for 4. Work is currently in progress on it.
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