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  1. I read the comments, Nathan. I disagree with the experimental behaviour. And there is no way to search on multiple terms that do not appear next to each other, as per my example:     You simply can't do this kind of search given the current 4.1 behaviour, correct?
  2. Try this search on media tag: https://community.invisionpower.com/search/?q=media+tag&type=downloads_file The first hit, Collections, only mentions tag, not media. The second hit, Ballistic, only mentions media, not tag. If terms are supposed to be ANDed together, it's not working. The search box is acting as if terms are being ORed together instead. The same search across the entire community has the same problem: https://community.invisionpower.com/search/?q=media+tag Now, you can search for "media tag" and get things that explicitly have the string "media tag" in them, but what if you wanted to search for e.g. posts that have conf_global.php AND constants.php in them? You can't now. You only get an OR of those search terms. In comparison, Google will look for things that have all search terms, and preferentially list them above matches that only have one or more of the search terms. This makes the most relevant results highly valued. IPS closed the bug I submitted on this: https://community.invisionpower.com/4bugtrack/active-reports/41-and-search-terms-not-working-r8009/ as something they're "experimenting with," so if you feel this change is detrimental, please support this post to let IPS know. Please, please bring back the ability to do AND searches, at least as an advanced search parameter if not as the default. P.S. Noticed you deprecated Sphinx...are you looking at ElasticSearch as a possible replacement? It certainly is capable of the above described behaviour...
  3. IP.Board 3.3.x, 3.4.x Security Update

    Nope! I didn't even apply this patch on my board.In general, taking 3rd-party patches to 1st party code is probably a bad idea.Sorry for not adding a disclaimer sooner. It's too late for me to edit that post now.Hopefully someone from IPS will fix the download.
  4. IP.Board 3.3.x, 3.4.x Security Update

    My mistake, I misread the patch note above. Definitely it is still broken. To fix, in the file admin/applications/members/modules_public/list/view.php  replace this line:$this->request['quickjump'] = isset($this->request['quickjump']) ? intval( $this->request['quickjump'] ) : 0;with this one:$this->request['quickjump'] = isset($this->request['quickjump']) ? $this->request['quickjump'] : 0;  
  5. IP.Board 3.3.x, 3.4.x Security Update

    The version I just downloaded has the view.php code patched, so I think it's already been fixed.
  6. Pages Pre-release 3

    Quick question as I don't have time to test out the beta right now: does Pages still have the IP.Content Databases functionality?
  7. Version 1.0.1


    Install this to add a real, classic Raffle system to ibEconomy. Forum members can spend their ibEconomy points to buy raffle tickets. A raffle drum shop item is used to end the auction, usually by an administrator. A PM is sent to all participants showing who won each item.   This was designed to manage raffles of "real-world" items, not ibEconomy store items. If you want to award ibEconomy store items, you must do so manually via ACP > Other Apps > ibEconomy > Send Items after the raffle winners are chosen.


  8. IPSS 4.0 long overdue feature, 'groups'

    As much as I appreciate the Social Groups app available here and am a paid customer, it does hold back my forum in a number of not-so-insignificant ways. It tends to lag behind for upgrading, it prevents Tapatalk from allowing people to browse Social Group forums, and it poses other compatibility issues that can be tricky to track down. First-party support from Invision Power for semi-autonomous subgroups within a larger community, without having to grant lots of power in the ACP, would be fantastic.
  9. Signature Restrictions

    Sorry to thread necromance, but I have the same quesiton. Is there any way to retroactively enforce the restriction, or must I go through every user and wipe their oversize signature images manually?
  10. Calendar moderator notification

    The workaround I am using is to allow special groups of users to bypass moderation. This doesn't give me the event moderation I want, but it allows me to give trusted users who are not global mods the ability to post events at their will.
  11. Notification of new events

    Notification of pending events requiring approval when calendar moderation is turned on.
  12. Calendar moderator notification

    +1 on both "how do I add a calendar moderator?" and "if i'm a calendar mod, may I please have notifications of pending events to approve?"
  13. Thank you! Very helpful info. And on the final question?
  14. OK. Well, I'm just looking at adding a dynamically generated block of text to the main page. I guess that's not a portal class anymore? I'm sure I'll learn more once we purchase the license... One final question. We have a few administrators and coders for our site (about 5). Will they all be able to register here for help, or will only the single individual who purchases the license be granted access? Thanks!
  15. Thank you! The phpdoc documentation is a nice touch, though I wasn't able to find what I was looking for (public_portal_portal_portal in the class hierarchy). Minor concerns aside I'm convinced I'd be able to get access to what I need code-wise. It's also nice to know that I could license an add-on with any license that I choose! Thanks, this will help in our decision making process.