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  1. Upload Disclaimer on IP.Downloads Categories

    Used to be a free add-on, now it isn't. Once install has completed, it breaks the category editing until you disable the app. This is the only non-IPB app on the board. Hopefully this gets fixed or it's $6 down the drain.
  2. Embedding video like youtube on a post

    Resurrecting an old thread. Any headway on this? If a user adds a video to the post, it would be GREAT if it could be played within the thread. Lots of people don't upload vids to youtube, and some people like to keep their videos within their community.
  3. [HQ] Raffle System

    Great mod with great support from the author. Worth buying if you do any prizes in your community. Definitely easier then putting names in a hat.
  4. Default Thumbnail Image per Category

    I would throw a few bucks their way too. Right now I can even edit thumbnails for files that didn't have one originally.
  5. Support Requests

    Thanks. Will play the waiting game.
  6. Support Requests

    Do they normally take 4 days? Having issues upgrading to 3.3.1. The main issue is being deployed and having unreliable internet and rare access to civilian internet that I can use FTP on. Uploading a 25mb file would be an all day affair. Disappointed with the support here. -Doc
  7. Messenger PM & users

    Agree with all above. Annoying to see "Me me me" instead of who I am talking with.
  8. (DP33) Guest View Limits

  9. Links Directory

  10. [HQ] Raffle System