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  1. cannot find the job section

    same here CPulsar
  2. Hicannot find the job section. it have been deleted permanently ??
  3. Bitcoins

    bump for bitcoins :)
  4. can work as classifieds ?

    Hi Yes you can integrate classified application with Nexus. In matter of fact im using myself too this combination and everything works great :)
  5. Payment Gateways

    Fortumo is the main gateway i use, works great! :)
  6. Payment Gateway's for adult content forums

    Hello, I do have a functionally ccbill gateway for Nexus with rights to re-sell it. Please PM me.
  7. Tier II Support Vacancy

    nice position for someone :)
  8. Sorry to hear about your problems. Getting screwed with ddos is not fun at all. I`ve been ddossed about 11 months ago and couldn`t found a solution only to move my site in other place. Been attacked totally 7 days. I suggest you start reading :
  9. I`m using this system too! But i do the promotion manually when the members reach 20 reputation points.
  10. Fake a few members on new boards

    i was mixing this idea with fake accounts, also no moderators at the begining.
  11. Attachment Archiving

    Yesterday i was about to open a new thread where to ask how to delete that option from members CP. Guess if someone wants a picture to be removed they can contact the moderators to delete it. still looking for a solution.
  12. https in youtube

    Yep, i notice too the youtube URL with https does not appear in threads as these http link appear.
  13. Site is SLOW!

    thanks for answering Mikey. Today everything worked normal as it should be. Maybe when you guys are a bit free mind share with us the secret how to stop ddos attack? I`ve been heavly attacked couple of months ago and my hosting company shot down my server instead of helping me out.
  14. AVChat 3 Video Chat Application for IP.Board

     Hello naicuoctavian Could you please post some pictures of how does it look the application inserted to IPB? Many people would like to see this i guess. Anticipate thanks.