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  1. It would be ideal to have help text for fields in Nexus. Some fields need instructions to help customers input the right data. Adding it to the field label is not helpful as too much text can push fields below across the page.
  2. Confirmation emails to non-admins

    In our usage of Nexus we send confirmation emails from successful purchases to the 'owners' of packages. For instance, when a visitor purchases 'Football Membership' the football team receive the confirmation email with the customer's name and email - they can then invite them to team practices, socials and so on without needing to access the ACP. Currently the {member_link} includes a link to the ACP which our groups then try and reach which isn't ideal. For now I have left a note in each email stating this link will not work for anyone other than staff. It would be good to consider the development of action emails to consider non-admin uses likes this and also have the option to inject more customer/transaction details in to these emails perhaps with a cheat sheet of short tags.
  3. Sort package groups from admin

    Overtime we have grown the number of package groups considerably. It would be useful to be able to sort these from the Nexus admin by name or date order, descending or ascending, etc.
  4. Shipping Option for Collections

    Our online shop compliments our physical shop where some items can be collected. We have a free shipping option setup for collections however to sign-off collections there are only the options to 'Mark as shipped' or to 'Cancel'. The first option generates an email to the user and causes a lot of confusion - we can also 'Cancel' the shipping but this is not very helpful when reviewing orders and we have to assume Cancel = Collection. I've tried to find the the language entry for 'Cancel' but doesn't appear to be obvious in the language file (the only ones I can find relate to cancelling purchases rather than shipping). Have the ability to to sign-off shipping as collected instead of shipped or cancelled would be very useful!
  5. Suggestion: Payment Links

    My organisation would find payment links very useful, we sell a lot of one-offs from clothing to dinners on behalf of student groups. This could be a URL that is automatically generated with each package and then shared among a group of members via email or Facebook. Instead of taking the customer to a product page it would take them to a checkout page (removing a stage for them) and then directing them to the payment gateway (Sage Pay in our case) removing a few steps from the normal process. If it could skip the checkout page even better but the transaction still needs to be logged in Nexus.
  6. Ability to archive products

    I agree having a access via shared URL similar to Youtube would be very useful.
  7. Ability to archive products

    Products can be hidden from store but then get jumbled in with active products which can be irksome within busy package groups. Also, creating a sub-package group to archive is one solution but then this folder appears in the front-end where it would better hidden.
  8. A suggestion for the ability to select multiple products from the packages list using check boxes as you would posts or files elsewhere and show/hide them in one hit along with other useful task.
  9. Nexus product publish time and date

    Hi guys,Our store gets quite a bit of action and our student groups are often adding products (via a form and then via me updating Nexus).Many of these items are time specific for trips and events and I would find the function to be able to set a publish start and end time fore each product in Nexus very useful.I just wanted to ask if this was something you had thought of and whether it might make an appearance in Nexus?Many thanks,Jasper
  10. (RSyvarth) Social Groups

    Has anyone tested/upgraded with IP Board 3.4?
  11. (M34) Donation Tracker

    Looks like a good alternative for Just Giving, any eta on a 3.3 ready version?
  12. (M34) Auto Welcome Members

    Thirded! Lovely mod