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  1. Hi all, I am new to IPS and switched over to it so that I could bring across my users and photos from Photopost Pro. (I wasn't using forums before so I am new to that side). I don't mind the gallery too much in IPS but have found a lot lacking in terms of admin control compared to Photopost (however Photopost was also an incredibly big learning curve to try and find my way around). A few things I would like to see: 1. Ability to set the permissions of one gallery and pass those permissions onto all sub galleries. I had thought 'Reset Inherited Albums Permissions' may have done this but I can't seem to get that to work or find any documentation on it. 2. The display of the recently updated galleries on the main gallery page is hideous and incredibly confusing!! It's TERRIBLE. Absolutely no organisation there at all and especially if you have a site with sub albums that 'belong' under the parent album to make sense. What I would personally like to see as a quick solution is the ability to set something like: Display Type a: Display photos b: Display parent albums only c: Display all albums Sort By: could be the same options you have in albums... However, I do like the suggestions of using blocks like others have previously mentioned. And again you could offer the simple solutions above for each block. If you wanted to take it further to give more options, you could offer the ability to select an album to display the photos within that album on the gallery home page. Something like this could be useful for sites that want to 'feature' an album of photos or a member etc... 3. I hadn't realised this prior, but I noticed that you can only upload a photo to one album and I can't seem to find any option to 'copy' and image to another album. I don't know if this is an option already that I have missed but this is something I would personally find useful, however it is certainly not a requirement. Just throwing it out there! :) 4. Oh and one annoying thing I found when having to fix all my imported galleries was the way that you choose galleries to place a sub gallery in. For example, some of my sub galleries are 4 levels deep (for organisation). To do this in your current set up Click on Sub Album under Parent - Displays ALL the Sub Albums and then the sub album links under those Sub Albums (instead of just the sub album I clicked on) Click on the next sub album link - Again... it display ALL the sub albums under the Main Sub album and then links to the sub albums under each of those sub album (instead of the sub album I just clicked on) Scroll down.... click on the next sub album link - and again I get a list of links to which I click on the sub album link again and finally I can select the album. There is a lot of clicking going on there and I see it is the same on the front end if you hadn't already navigated to the album you wish to upload your photo to. Surely it would make more sense to skip a couple of windows there? But all in all.... Coming from Photopost it's not too bad. We can all whinge and cry about the things that frustrate us or don't fulfil our requirements and obviously I can't make any comments based on previous versions like some of the other users here which I am sure having lost features from a previous version would be terribly annoying and in some cases ruin their whole site. But I think if you are starting fresh and this is the first few revisions of the new system, it's pretty good. At least it's nice to see the tech's in here listening to feedback and making lists of improvements to add to future revisions. I'll likely pop back with a few questions I am stumped on elsewhere on the forum. :) Thanks Zoe