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  1. ACP User Group Management Ordering

    mine is the opposite :P
  2. Admin Security: Improve the ACP Login Method

    i thin ktheyre doing like a double secure password or something.... liek salt and md5
  3. Have to plan for IPBWiki 2.0 when IPB 4.0 releases :|

  4. SSL option for Chat essential

    it would be a pain, because then there would be 3rd party mods that would have to convert to some extent.
  5. Payment Gateways

    All I hear is a angry customer :/ Ive used pazya, paypal, moneybookers, and my credit card and im fine with it. What paypal did to you was completely between you and them, don't go getting angry at IPS for not adding another gateway, because of things you and paypal got through.
  6. MY motivational level is wayyyy down.

  7. IPS 4.0: Editor - Part 1: Content

    physically impossible
  8. IPB vs Facebook

    You can only fight a social network with a social network. A forum board is a different story u can still try to make ur forum into a social cmmunity, but face it... in the end it's still a forum. (IPB 4.0 will fix that I believe, all you need is the dedicated time to get past the new set of bugs that will likely be ranted about by the community and the time to customize the community even more.)
  9. IPB vs Facebook

    seriously who is this person :| - How is the likelyness of this even possible? GIVE ME UR BADGE and Identification :)
  10. Payment Gateways

    I doubt anyone would want to do it for free, as most of them ends up being a paid addon.
  11. UCP option to hide avatars and other info?

    well there's always this :/ - Before: " alt="oy1qQX9.png"> After:
  12. i cant wait for ipb 4.0 then i can use it more.
  13. either way they both suck lol
  14. yes blog is needed it must be installed and active. If its not you will see a white page :|. I never understood IPB with that whitepage thing. It uses the's default trackback hook, and its own at the same time.