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  1. When is IPB 4.0 ?

    yeah i want to hear about new features inside IP.Content since this is the most useful app ive ever seen heck its a whole new site
  2. When is IPB 4.0 ?

    @mentions built in would be nice even though i bought the 3rd party hook for it from Saiga and it works great without any problems still would be nice all built in
  3. When is IPB 4.0 ?

    guys 4.0 is not ready yet let alone VB not even in the same league as IPB no forum software is. VB is junk not worth talking about. xenfono which looks nice but yet again don't compare with IPB and ill explain why. IP.Content can do anything You want it to do with Blocks,database's,articles,templates,Pages, simple fact nothing on the market even comes close to comparing to The beast of IP.Content. plus with the great 3rd party coders that are here IPB is the place to be. My point IPB is so good because they don't rush there software they take there time and do it right unlike VB IPB does things the right way so just be happy with what we got and wait for 4.0
  4. When is IPB 4.0 ?

    just be happy with 3.4.6 IPB is still the best forum software on the market by far with IP.content nothing even comes close to this
  5. Auto-Link of terms

    i guess more would use it then you think
  6. sounds really nice but a whole lot of money when you can go to OVH and get a Intel® Core i5-2400 CPU @ 3.10GHz with 4 TB HDD   for 80 usd
  7. "Top 5" Statistics

    heck im useing this on 3.4.5 with no probs
  8. IPB, BBCode, and concerns about it's future

    what i don't understand is why IPS don't seem to be listening to its customers at all. I like IPB content is unmatched but the editor is a pain to use so many times ive had broken bbcode and had to fix it. Why not just give the customers what we ask for instead of pushing something we don't want even pushing customers to other software. from what ive read no one is happy with this so why keep going with it.
  9. [CH59] Award Icons - Blue Icons

    cool ill check emm out thanks m8
  10. Database Profile Tabs Generator

    great another great IP.content thing from MT love it and keep them coming
  11. (SD) Affiliates System

    i agree need English screens no idea what that says   but from what i can see this can all be done in IP.content   wouldent know for sure til i can read it though lol
  12. (DP34) Denial of Service

    you rock m8 one of my favorite coders around here top work as always
  13. (SD) Topic Suggester

    wasent this just free now its paid
  14. Content Portal

    ahh i see well cool for helping love IPB and the community helpful people here top support