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  1. Ibai added a post in a topic Auto detect mentions   

    Is there any chance to get this for future versions? Where can I suggest this formally?
  2. Ibai added a post in a topic Auto detect mentions   

    That plugin was awesome, worked fine with this situation. I wonder if this is possible. Currently is not confortable having to wait until that menu of members appears. Even sometimes, when there is only just one user in the list, pressing space key does not do anything and you need to erase some characters and start again typing slowly. 
    It's not confortable and my members are arguing about that.
  3. Ibai added a topic in Product Feedback   

    Auto detect mentions
    The mention system is a bit slow and makes the write reduce it's writing pace waiting to show members name list.
    Could it be possible to write mentions fast, without that "modal" showing members names that auto-mentions when someone clicks over the member name? The idea is that the forum backend, while the post is being submitted, would parse the text and search any "uncompleted" mention filling it with the corresponding link and sending the notification to the mentioned member.
    This feature would be awesome!
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  4. Ibai added a post in a topic Where is the bug tracker?   

    So as we could know what is fixed and what is not. I like your idea.
  5. Ibai added a topic in General Chit Chat   

    Where is the bug tracker?
    I want to report a bug and I am not able to find the bug tracker for IPS 4.
    Could you please provide me an URL?
    I found this link, however, nothing appears there. Am I supposed to renew my license to help the community?
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