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  1. Retina forum icons

    Thanks @daveoh, your suggestion is quite easy. However, whenever IPS updates that file, we will lose this feature. I was wondering if they could code this in the base of the app.   
  2. Retina forum icons

    Hi there, I like the way a forum can be customized and set a icon to show in the index view. However, it looks awful in retina devices as the image appears pixelated. Could we get a secondary file input to set the retina version? Regards, Ibai
  3. Hi, In previous versions, while in a topic view, there was a link to go to the last unread post. Now that link does not exist. Could we get this back? Regards, Ibai
  4. Hi, I have several categories with subcategories in my files' system and I was wondering if I could show the files from subcategories in the parent category. Could we get this feature in a near future? Regards Ibai
  5. In 3.4.x it was possible to give minus X points while warning a user to reduce their warning points. Currently with it's not possible. Is there any chance to get this implemented? We want to decrease a member's warning level without needing to revoke past warnings
  6. Version 1.1.0


    Este fichero incluye los idiomas para las aplicaciones de IPS 4.0:     + Board (Foros)     + Downloads (Descargas) El trabajo de este proyecto lo empezó LordNet y a partir de su traducción, se han ido añadiendo más textos en castellano. Es un fichero que se ha ido evolucionado en el tiempo libre y que se ha decidido compartir con la comunidad. He de aclarar que no está el 100%, pero sí el 99% de los textos que ven los usuarios. Es una alternativa gratuita al fichero de traducciones de Invision Hispano. Installation Just go to your ACP -> Customization -> Languages and click the “Create New” button.


  7. Version 1.0.0


    This plugin adds a line behind the member’s post count in their posts with the current warning points. It brings this feature from the old 3.4.x. It was built for IPS, I don’t know if it will be compatible with older versions. Installation Just go to your ACP -> System -> Plugins and click the Install New Plugin button.


  8. Auto detect mentions

    That would be a good add-on just to get a shortcut and a fast mention.
  9. Auto detect mentions

    Is there any chance to get this for future versions? Where can I suggest this formally?
  10. Auto detect mentions

    That plugin was awesome, worked fine with this situation. I wonder if this is possible. Currently is not confortable having to wait until that menu of members appears. Even sometimes, when there is only just one user in the list, pressing space key does not do anything and you need to erase some characters and start again typing slowly.  It's not confortable and my members are arguing about that.
  11. Auto detect mentions

    Hi, The mention system is a bit slow and makes the write reduce it's writing pace waiting to show members name list. Could it be possible to write mentions fast, without that "modal" showing members names that auto-mentions when someone clicks over the member name? The idea is that the forum backend, while the post is being submitted, would parse the text and search any "uncompleted" mention filling it with the corresponding link and sending the notification to the mentioned member. This feature would be awesome! Regards, Ibai
  12. Where is the bug tracker?

    So as we could know what is fixed and what is not. I like your idea.
  13. Hi! I want to report a bug and I am not able to find the bug tracker for IPS 4. Could you please provide me an URL? I found this link, however, nothing appears there. Am I supposed to renew my license to help the community? Cheers!