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    Staff reply
    Dear Invision. 
    I was hoping i didn't have to write here to get an reply from you guys. But it's been 9 days since i got an reply from Tier || support and we are now on our way into a new weekend without support. I know that you have about 50 open tickets and you are working as fast as possible, but 9 days without any reply is a lot longer than i expected. 
    I'm not asking for much, but some kind of reply, maybe a date or time for the support is much appreciated. 
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  2. Workbase added a comment on a file (SD) Affiliates System   

    Is the default language english?
  3. Workbase added a comment on a file LinkedIn Login Method   

    Working great! Thank you.
  4. Workbase added a comment on a file (RSyvarth) Social Groups   

    When are you going to update the social groups? 
  5. Workbase added a post in a topic Run multiple sites from the same backend (suggestion)   

    +1 I would definitely buy more licenses also..