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  1. 4.0 - Profiles

    Maybe i just didn't see it in the replies,  Is there anyway for a member to say:   Display my personal info only to friends or hide all or......., Like email and birthday and so on.   Any tools or options to allow users to filter how they display personal information's is critical for me. If member wants to go all in that's fine for me but at least they have made their own decisionchoice.   Personally on my community the member list is hidden and can be see by admin only.
  2. I Know many things have been request regarding adding pictures to a comment/post. But I do feel I need to bump this topic so it will not get bury by other stuff. Please for the next version/release add the possibility to paste screen capture right into the text box. For those who use Onenote from microsoft, or SnagIT/Jing from techsmyth, you know how easy it is to capture portion of your screen and paste into a document.
  3. 4.0 - Global Sidebar

        Yes allow collapsing individual block was what i have in mind.   I have IP content, If it work as I picture it, Then it is possible i have mulitple block stack on the side bar, collapse will definetly help in those cases   Thank you for following-up
  4. 4.0 - Global Sidebar

    Probably one of the most favorite feature so far LOVE it   Now three questions   1 - can we have a block allowing us to add custom content or are those side blocks come predefine?   2 - when we press edit can we add remove tabs under the header?   3 - When press edit do we have the option to select a show/hide option to add two chevrons that would allow users to expand/collapse blocks vertically to show only the header bar. This would be interesting if we we stack like five blocks on the sidebar     Please tell us that you plan releasing IP4 in a quarter of 2014 :-)
  5. 4.0 - RSVP Enhancements in Calendar

    Can someone will be able to remove his RSVP in case he cannot attend the meeting (schedule change) so people will know there is one more space available.   This make me think about a option for a queue first one get advise a place is open he has 8-10-12-24 hours to pick it up. The second one will be invite when time expire
  6. 4.0 - Minor calendar enhancements

    I like the cover photo, but more and more we have promotional video for event
  7. Hi For the next release, I would like to have better filter when doing bulk mail. In an ideal world, as admin I could tag members in the CP ( not exposed to users) of the community and use those tags to to filter who I wanted to send bulk mail. Also i would like to individually remove member from the filte rlist as something it ise better to select all then remove few. If we look a the big umbrella, better tools to process members in batch. If someone from invision could comment on this that would be appreciate Thank you
  8. (M34) Videos System

    I would like to see enhancement I a way I could place a SWF on my side in a specific location and from the add video, give the link to the SWF.
  9. 4.0 - Sharelinks

        Here my personal interpretation   When sharing in Twitter we are limited,   Where on G+ we have a some options not being the same as Facebook and vice versa. One good example is the message box in Hootsuite
  10. 4.0 - Email templates

    Looking very nice and we can see a reply button at the bottom of the email, didn't read all the comments  but having this possibility to reply directly from the email client is a leap forward.
  11. IPS 4.0: Internationalization and Localization

    WOWOW i really like the sound of this article, it open up many possibilities   Having a community with members speaking/reading several language this will help a lot.   One quick technical question relate to article, inside the localization project what feature will be add to article database to allow multiple language version of the same article?
  12. Picture upload

    Hi Saiga Yep exactly what happend. I just redo a test in case I may have miss something, I add three lines and the gray box get bigger I wish I could trunk the text , but if i add a "My media" link, i have no control over the size :-)
  13. Picture upload

    When we upload a picture, it i being display in the Latest gallery images (diaporama) on the front page The first line we write in the picture description is being display on the diaporama. Is some cases, it take a large portion of the picture. Request is to replicate the article one section for the intro One section for a complete description This way we could make sure we see a minimum text on the front page diaporama. In this example I have just one line in the description so not to bad, but sometime i have more text in the description and the picture is completely hidden May be if we could have the gray area lighter ir would help a bit. Write the name and the description on the same line like...................... title - Description (1st line only)
  14. Introducing Projects and Developer Profiles

    I would like to add my vote to a project I find interesting.   If we could have a limited number of vote that we can distribute let say 10.   That would be just perfect
  15. ACP member group

    Member group are sort by alphabetic order As of today I would require to have sub-group to help me mange access rights. However i would prefer not to use the name to sort them out as the name of the group can be display on the user profile. If we could use some sort of numbering system Admin would be 1 Moderator would be 2 Super member would be 3 Member 4 Banned would be 99 etc.. Each could have sub-group like members could be 4.1 ( members that have made purchase on Nexus) So globally i need more granularity and a way to sort them according to this granularity to have better feedback of the different member group.