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  1. "Upload New File" in no way suggests that I need to click that if all I want to do is change the file name. If all I want to do is rename the file, why would I ever think to click that? That link should be something that more fully describes what I can do, such as "Edit File" or "Edit or Upload New Version". Or even create a duplicate link to the same screen, one saying "Edit File" and the other saying, "Upload New File". Better yet, provide functionality where I can simply rename a file or change other data about the file without having to create a new version. Uploading a new version is kind of silly if all I need to do is fix a typo in the file name.
  2. Bulk import is ostensibly a time saving tool. If there's no ability to edit file information on import, you still need to go out to the site and open each individual file to edit its information. To me that eliminates much of the savings gained from the bulk import. There should be an ability for the user to edit file information after the import but before they go live. I envision the following process. If this is all on a single screen (with pagination as necessary), all the better.Primary Use Case [*]User goes to the AdminCP and imports files from a ZIP file or a directory [*]AdminCP lists the imported files in an "Unapproved" state [*]The user edits file information for the imported files:Screenshot [unless there's a way to include this during the bulk import] File Name File Version File Tags Use first tag as prefix Change Log Description [*]The user includes with the uploads a CSV, XML, or other file to pre-populate the file information during the import [*]The user then proceeds with Step 3 above [*]The user selects individual files (or all files)for "Approval" [this allows the files over time if there are too many for a single sitting] [*]The user "Approves" the selected files to complete the import process for those files Alternate Use Case
  3. Blog seo improvement

    Yups. not very impressed at all with the blog app.
  4. Add global header and theme to IP.Blog

    I did URL Mapping and it worked: I used the "Contains" option and the variable "/blog/" since that text is in the URL of the blog.
  5. I purchased IP.Blog with the community suite, and I want it to look exactly like the rest of the community. I can't figure out how to get the community header into the blog I created. See attachments:community-header.png - This is what it looks like when you go to the IP.Blog app landing page, and what the rest of the community looks like (Downloads, Forums, etc.).blog-header.png - This is what it looks like after creating a blog. The blue header in blog-header is stupid. it should look like community-header and the rest of the community apps. How do I get that?