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  1. (DDK33) Board Index Face

    Hi guys.I'm completely running out of time whole last year, unfortunately. But if someone has reworked Board Index Face for 4.0 - feel free to make it public for everyone if you wish. I'll be fine with that, even if you will release it as your own hook.I'm glad that one day I've brought the idea of this hook to you.Thanks!
  2. Parse block with arguments

    Hi guys.The only workable solution I found finally: ​
  3. [IPBLounge] Applications System

    This is so *** amazing... great job!   So many strings to translate... *tired* :))
  4. Spam service

    Sorry... I found, that my license has just expired :smile: ha-ha
  5. Spam service

    Is it okay that I have no packages to select when choosing "General support" in ticket submit form? O_o I think that's actually concerning my question on license expiration... strange.
  6. Spam service

    Just pruned error logs few minutes ago and you may see how frequently new errors occur :sad:Ok, sorry, I will submit as a ticket.
  7. Spam service

    And one more question: in client area - where I can check expiration date of my license? So far I only found Purchased: 21 Apr 2012. But for sure I did renewal few times already... and the point is that I don't remember when I have renewed last time and for which period. So, how I should know expiration date?
  8. Spam service

    Dears, I really see too many "INVALID_KEY" entries in spam service error log. Generally it works well, but as this error occurs too often, daily I get few normal users f***d off unfairly and it brings daily workload as they all write emails to admin mailbox like "why I'm inactive?", which I don't want to get, friendly speaking :smile: How to debug this "INVALID_KEY" error?
  9. Enhanced Gallery Images in Board Index

    Well done! But I wouldn't use this hook as it doesn't look good on my skin with elastic width. 5 images are ok for min. width, but it looks ugly on max. width. It would be great to add an option which will let this hook to define number of images per line according to fact page width using JS. It would be great if I could use some formula in JS like: var imagesPerLine = Math.ceil( document.body.clientWidth / X ); where X is some ratio predefined in hook settings.
  10. Hi IPS team. We all have to agree that a new age has already come. Age of social networks. Forums are pretty similar to social networks, but the key difference is how posts are going to appear on page. Twitter, Facebook, whatever... all post are going to be shown from newest to oldest and new posts appear on top of news feed. People get used to this due to very fast growth of social network popularity and this is actually a serious challenge for classic forum engine. You may not believe in my words, but I really get requests from users to switch topics into "from newest to oldest" view mode. And here I'm going to think about the subject - which audience I lose in fact? My forums are pretty popular, but meanwhile I realize the fact that almost 80% of audience is coming from search engines. And they leave soon after they find content they are looking for. But it's really hard to encourage at least some of them stay on my forum, to post at least some message etc. Meanwhile I see how easy public social network pages/groups encourage their visitors to get started. 5 years ago there was 20% of people who was addicted to use forums and the rest 80% of people had just no idea how to read forums. Now is 2013, during past 5 years I guess all of these 80% moved more and more faraway from forums by addicting to read news feeds in their social networks. Actually it means that forums run the risk of losing even that 20% of potential audience they could had before. What is your opinion on this, dear IPS? Very interesting to hear exhaustive statement of your teams point of view. Briefly speaking: what's your plan to stay inline with the wind of changes (trends)? Thanks.
  11. Hi dears. Please kindly add IPSText::getTextClass('email')->replyTo() method currently missing so much in email class. Would be so nice to have this method eg. for such kind of addons as "Contact form". Some SMTP servers does not allow to set fake "From" property, in this case replyTo header may be useful. Thanks!
  12. Shoutbox: Tab Count & Who's Shouting

    Great, thanks!!
  13. IPS Social Suite (4.0)

    Please please please. Just return back simple BB-code mode for editor as an option and I will not care of anything you do or don't with this damned CKE.
  14. IP.Board 3.4 Dev Update: IP.SEO

    Work on page titles first... that's much more important.
  15. Invite members to topics!

    Look at this, this one can notify member when its name has been mentioned.