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  1. [HQ] Forum Icons

    By far the most important mod in my layout ! A Thing of beauty !
  2. Phpbb3 forumatic to ip hosted community

    Thanks for the reply guys.. I have my Database.SQL file that I am trying to install into my FTP.. How do I go about doing this? Do i need to convert that file first or just upload to the FTP?
  3. Hi I currently use phpbb3 self hosted and managed by forumatic. I was looking into switching over to your ip self hosted community. I was wondering what it will cost me to make the switch.. Do have to purchase the ip software and then purchase a monthly package? Or would I just pay for the monthly hosting package? And is setting the web page up as easy as forumatic? I have no coding or web building experience so I would need the switch to be as simple as possible.. Will all my data transfer successfully ? Like posts, pictures, avatars, and post counts and all.? Sorry for all the questions but I'm very new to this all..