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  1. We have lots of subscriptions with automatic renewals. Since the 4.0 upgrade a few weeks ago, we have continued to see the usual flow of Paypal generated  emails coming in for member renewal payments being processed. I read this topic and panicked a bit. But then i went into my admin control panel and started checking transactions, members who we got renewal emails for, etc.  It's all working properly. The ones we received Paypal emails for have indeed been renewed for another year in the software. Three more confirmed renewals since I made my original post.As far as SSL goes, I would never operate a section of a website involving payments and not have SSL enabled for it. Personal preference but we're a business and need to take every step possible to assure paying customers all is legit and professional.I've never used the hosted version.Good luck..... :/
  2. Preface: We host our site on our own server and have always used SSL for any financial transactions done on the site.This topic had me quite concerned. I upgraded our site to version 4 a couple weeks ago. I had to go back and put the API key in the Paypal gateway again as it was cleared out after the upgrade. In reading this topic today, I was worried that renewals were not happening in the site software, but only being billed/charged via the renewals on Paypal itself. Fortunately, that is not the case. Renewals are being done automatically on the site as they are processed via Paypal. Whew!
  3. Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    Here's our site: Just did the upgrade to 4 yesterday, so there's plenty more skinning left to do. Fortunately it's been much easier to do in 4 vs 3! 
  4. Locked Task for over a week!

    I'm now in this boat as well. Waiting to see what they eventually say......