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  1. Any feedback on this request?
  2. It seems ... nothing is on my mind.

  3. Buy now, free update to 4.0.0?

    I think the OP is sure now! 
  4. Would love to know as well. Forum specific? Member group specific?
  5. Restore deleted topic

    Thank you guys!
  6. Restore deleted topic

    Hey, One of my moderators deleted a topic by accident. This was a topic with 10.000+ replies and highly active. He states that he pressed the "Remove" button by accident on the mobile skin. Is there a way I can restore this topic? I can find its ID in the logs but can't find a restore/undo button. Thanks in advance! Regards, E.
  7. Google Webfonts by IPS Themes

    Very nice! Thanks Tom!
  8. Pulse by IPS Themes

    5 star rating from me.   I've been using this skin for a while on my beta board and now, after release to public, all my member are stunned. You did a great job and I'm happy to be a Pulse user. :)
  9. Simples

    Great skin! Good job!
  10. Dutch Language Pack / Nederlands Taalbestand

    Ik kan het niet installeren. Server flipt met memory allocated. Is er een andere manier?
  11. It's something I really thought about at the start of the forum and actually, I should still do it. I've got plenty of members which are posting a lot but the main problem is that the action happens in the non-public, hidden area. I'd love to see the action moving to public areas as well to attract new members.
  12. Pulse by IPS Themes