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  1. ok they said i can download it and change url when its available. they told me only one url change every 6 months or its a $15 charge.
  2. yeah true. it just takes for ever to review the payment -___-
  3. yes it lets me download it. but under account info it still has the old sellers url address. im not sure if it matters or not. is there any special code i have to enter when i install the forum? because my only concern would be if i download it now, after the review is done i get a new code i have to enter ? not even sure that even happens.
  4. i just purchased a license from someone and i got the log in and all that, i paid the $20 transfer fee but i was wondering while the account is still under verification for fraud and all that, ami allowed to download it and upload it to my forum?? the URL in the account is still under the previous owner but my email is updated though. thanks