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  1. Yes exactly. My members dislike using it because of the unneeded amount of extra steps to reply or view the entire status
  2. Thank you IP for adding the new update my status to the status feed   now we just need the reply option back 
  3. 3.4 Features missing in 4.0

    Being able to respond to a status on the index page 
  4. Statuses were a huge part of our community and what kept it engaging for other users. IPB has severely crippled the Status Update feature... no longer do status comments appear on the main index, nor is it possible to leave a reply from the index block, you need to load the person's profile to do that (which is another issue as that requires possibly loading a HQ cover photo, increasing page load).  I understand this may have been removed because IPB feels statuses are better incorporated into their new "Followers" and "Activity Stream" features, but my community just isn't interested in these features. It's a forum not Facebook.  I hope we can get some kind of firm reply on to having this functionality come back, because every time I see this topic come up it gets ignored by staff.  EDIT: Also would like to add that settings like allowing emoticons to show in the block, and stopping statuses posted on someone's profile from being shown in the block, would be nice too. 
  5. Is there a solution to this yet? It's been a week since I upgraded and not even a dent in these processes (over a million posts, 12k blog entries, etc).
  6. How to have non-square avatars?

    Any fix for this? When you upload an avatar, the cropper forces you to use a square. Can I disable the cropping feature?
  7. Is IPS4 really any good?

    It needs some work (such as bringing back features that were removed from 3.4.7) but otherwise it's a great platform and the positives outweigh the small issues. 
  8. How to have non-square avatars?

    ​ Right but that only helps if I want it as a square, and we have them currently set up to 200 height x 180 width  
  9. How to have non-square avatars?

    ​ I tried using both methods and the profile pictures look extremely LQ
  10. I'm trying to completely remove all the circled avatars, but ran into a problem. It seems like it's impossible to have a non square avatar.  The user group settings make you have a fixed width/height.    
  11. Recent Status Updates

    Also please give us the option to enable bb code / emoticons showing up on the block. It was in the alpha but removed
  12. Recent Status Updates

    With IPB4 you've removed the function to add a comment on the status feed, however what doesn't make sense to me is that  1.) It's been removed 2.) Since that function has been removed.. What exactly is the point of seeing everyone's recent status updates as wouldn't it be better to only see status updates of people with whom you follow, since the friends list has been also changed to more twitter ish follower feed? - Also yes I understand the point of widgets & add ons that could help implement these things, but as current stock functions they don't integrate that well with each other as a seamless experience
  13. Status Updates

    Bump. Not having this is a deal breaker for me.
  14. IPS4 Default Style

    it's too safe in my opinion. I liked the look in the earlier stages much more.. with the navbar at the top of the header, more white and less blue, etc. Seems they are trying to emulate the look of IPS3 too much instead of going for something totally new aesthetically.