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  1. Andy Badwool added a comment on a blog entry 4.0 - Profiles   

    By the way, I think the improvements are great. A few more things though:
    Where's Profile Views? Should it be added on top of the header along with Content Count, Joined Date and Last Visited?
      Where's "Liked Content" by the user?
    . If you do end up to add the Tabs option, a Tab for the Signature would be good..
      I agree with anoismale: You have an "About testadmin" on the left sidebar and then another "About Me" in the main area.  This is kind of redundant.  Maybe change the wording of "About testadmin" to "Basic Info."
      I agree with anoismale: If you're going to show a member's followers, won't it also be incumbent to show who the member is following?  Also, wouldn't it be logical that the follow button would be better placed near the Followers instead of elsewhere on the page?
  2. Andy Badwool added a comment on a blog entry 4.0 - Profiles   

    How about... an admin setting?
    Use Tabs in Profile Page? Yes/No
    Default Tab (if set on Yes)? About Me/Status Feed/etc.
    So everyone can choose based on their community needs.
  3. Andy Badwool added a comment on a blog entry 4.0 - Simplification of deletion and approval process   

    I guess I will disable the "delete" option for everybody, and just have the "hide" option and the multi-moderation action "move to trashcan" (Or I'll name it "delete", maybe :smile:) which will move topics to a trashcan forum, that only admins and mods can see. Like the good old days. Problem solved.
  4. Andy Badwool added a comment on a blog entry 4.0 - Introducing Themes   

    Kind-of-unrelated question that has been in my mind for a quite a few of these blog entries...
    With the fact that you're rewriting the whole platform code from scratch, does it potentially mean that previous bugs that have been fixed throughout the 3.x years could possibly return? Or are you keeping track or all of them and their respective fixes so that when you rewrite the code you're sure to not possibly reintroduce them? :tongue:
  5. Andy Badwool added a comment on a blog entry 4.0 - Introducing the new AdminCP   

    This looks amazing.
  6. Andy Badwool added a comment on a blog entry IPS 4.0: Editor - Part 4: Special Features   

    Will the autosave feature also work for personal messages (it doesn't now)?
  7. Andy Badwool added a comment on a blog entry Spam Service Updates   

    Wouldn't it make more sense if the system was working based off calls to the spam service from one single DOMAIN instead of one single IP? That would easily solve the dynamic IP issues... Instead of unnecessarily charging an extra100$ for it...
  8. Andy Badwool added a post in a topic in the fast reply editor, the quote shows the text inside the tag "spoiler" - that's absurd   

    Even more, since the very beginning of times of 2.3, actually :P
  9. Andy Badwool added a topic in Product Feedback   

    Enabling Flag as Spammer only for members with less than n posts
    Currently, the Flag as Spammer option will appear for all accounts if it is enabled and there is no setting for it. However, my question is: Why?

    After all... Spammers are the ones that show their intentions immediately. They sign up and they spam. It's not like an actual member suddenly turns into a spam bot or a human spammer. Assuming "Spam" is intended as... well.. random advertisements and external links that have nothing to do with the forum. Is this what the Flag as spammer option is intended for, right?

    I've set the option to ban the user and delete all of his posts in one click. However, why do I have to see this enabled for every member (maybe risking that a moderator does something bad by accident)? What's the need for it?

    Hardly a spammer will ever be able to reach more than 10 posts before getting taken care of. Or say, 20.

    I think there should be an option to simple show the Flag as Spammer icon only for members with less than a certain amount of posts. I actually wonder how comes it's not there already.
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  10. Andy Badwool added a post in a topic remove all+ban members in one click   

    That option is there already, you just need to set the Flag as Spammer option to behave like that via ACP.
  11. Andy Badwool added a post in a topic Image embedding changed functionality   

    Click the image key and paste the link after, instead? lol
  12. Andy Badwool added a post in a topic We need more control over Profile page...! As Admin   

    Three years in the making... Is it me or we still don't have any of this?
  13. Andy Badwool added a post in a topic Editor Feedback   

    I had the chance to try 3.4.3 Editor early and it might be the best ever. It's the full package - everything seems to work as best as it can be, with great HTML and BBCode support and conversions. Of course there may still be a few bugs here and there, but the foundation takes a huge step forward. Very impressed and satisfied.
  14. Andy Badwool added a post in a topic New Quote and Swear Words   

    Report it here