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  1. I advise you to remove "share by email"

    The other thing, these urls only resolve for logged in users. Bots get a header response of 403 forbidden. The reason they are being indexed is you are using a robots file and google cant see the header response. So in this case, just remove them from robots, google will crawl them, get a 403 and eventually drop them. Seems you created your own problem here.
  2. I advise you to remove "share by email"

    Two things wrong here. 1- robots.txt will stop Google crawling the URLs, it will still show them in the index. So use no index on them instead. 2- the ips meta tag system afaik doesn't work on pages with query strings, it applies the changes to the non query page too, so use x-robots htaccess to add the tag to those pages instead. I go one step further and noindex,nofollow all pages with query strings. They are all junk.
  3. Now Hiring: Support

    Must be able to effectively telecommute. Id take that to mean you must be able to use skype well, with video.
  4. URL filter - Dont just unlink it - Block it

    Thank you Lindy.
  5. Disable content embedding

    Is this about disabling internal and external seperatly? Or at present you can disable anything?  I really want to disable embedding and also the post preview pop ups, both serve no real purpose other than clutter.
  6. IPS4 Feature Plan

    It was actually a loaded question. The coming soon section was an area at the top of the release notes. Seems we have lost that now as well as the feature plan. Going backwards again. Meh.
  7. IPS4 Feature Plan

    Where might one find this coming soon section please?
  8. Currently the URL whitelist/blacklist just unlinks any URLs that are in the list of banned URLs. I appreciate it stops the link being clicked, crawled and functioning but it still viewable, if someone posts porn, spam whatever id much rather it didn't show up at all. Likewise if someone is self promoting an unlinked link is just as bad as a linked one. It wont function, but its still displayed on the website. If the purpose is simply to stop bots seeing them then isn't that what the nofollow feature does. I would like to put forward the idea of blocking the post being made, with a warning message that the post contains banned links. It also doesnt work in comments, just forum posts. But its listed under system > settings > posting. If it isnt global shouldnt the setting be in community? Better than that why wouldnt you make it global?
  9. Pages sidebar is one for entire app?

    Cheers, appreciate the help.
  10. Pages sidebar is one for entire app?

    OK, so i could potentially only use custom blocks, coded to work on specific pages to work around this do you think?
  11. Pages sidebar is one for entire app?

    Thank you for the reply. So there is no way around it that you know of?
  12. Pages sidebar is one for entire app?

    Yeah, i get that. But that is not the problem I have. I have 50 categorys, and you are suggesting to make 50 pages, just so i can have a unique sidebar from homepage or records. But then I cant split sidebar from homepage and records, so seems little point anyway. Basically, the system is flawed. I see no solution so the sidebar can be unique across a pages database, homepage, categories and records. I expected more after reading how great the sidebar was improved in 4. Frankly, it is missing basic function. Who wants the sameside bar on all pages, not most I bet.
  13. Pages sidebar is one for entire app?

    And what about records? They share the same sidebar as the database homepage, i would need a separate page for all records? Really, seems a bit of a task and rather counter intuitive to using a DB if I am to make all pages manually. EDIT On second look that isnt even possible. All records share the same sidebar as the DB homepage. That is fixed, unless im missing something. That is pretty poor, my HP needs far different content to a record page.
  14. Pages sidebar is one for entire app?

    So i can make one page in pages. And have it serve 50 URLs/categorys?
  15. Pages sidebar is one for entire app?

    Ok, makes sense, except if I have 50 categories for a DB, do i need 50 pages? One for each category list? Or I can make one dynamic page? Many thanks!