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  1. Well done!

    For the first time in what 2 years I feel 4 is looking like what it was meant to be, innovative. Some of the latest stuff and the things ive read now in the 4.1 post are just that, innovative. Steams is very cool, pages seems like its going to get some love and be easier (havent tried this release yet maybe it is better now) and things like drag and drop sitewide menus, notifications!!! and other bits are great. I havent checked it all out yet... Seems like you are truly listening and then some. For the first time since it came out I can honestly say, im excited. See, I'm not a total ass****, credit where credit is due. I feel my concerns were justified at the time and they are not all satisfied but to see the amount of 'progress' with this latest release is pretty enormous. Well done again, really. Going to be a fun weekend.
  2. Well done!

    Ive been quite vocal about the what I feel about 4.0, what I think it is missing/bugs etc. I decided to wait for a few more releases and wow, very impressed. Loving the skin changes and the activity stream is super awesome! Off to play with the other new stuff, and give the editor a test on mobile ;P Well done!
  3. I'm no longer a client?

    How would they know you removed it, just do it if you want to.
  4. Just another reason to implement redactor.*It just took me 8 goes to post this because everytime I clicked in the reply box, I got sent back to the topic list.How many bugs does his editor have, especially on mobile. I've honestly lost count.Why on earth didn't you change 12 months ago when these same issues were reported?
  5. So with the introduction of cover photos it seemed logical to add them to albums, they are images after all. We have them for events!?The current album page looks like this:This results in a ton of white-space under the left sidebar, when using a right sidebar it means there isn't much room to show off the actual images.Isn't this a better layout? No left column and a nice big album cover photo, pretty much the reason they were invented.I'll beat the drum again for "compulsory album selection"  and together they make gallery much more use-able and better looking.
  6. Overlooked feature: Albums Only

    Yes. Please add this.
  7. grapevines.jpg

  8. The New Account Security question

    Q & A answers are case sensitive, that doesnt seem very user friendly!
  9. Chat Software

  10. Must. keep. mouth. shut. more. often.

  11. Untitled

    From the album Dave

  12. 4.0 - Cover photos

    Stop the press.
  13. IPS4 blog posts??

  14. IPS Blog Posts?

  15. 4.0 - Q&A Forums

    This is great and perfect for a new project of mine, but it must have threaded comments. Will it?   Thank you.