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  1. MonsterMovement added a comment on a file Pay to Unlock Forums   

    This is great for a VIP feature. It'd be nice to have it where members can view the forum for x time before having to pay again (sort of like a subscription). ;)
  2. MonsterMovement added a topic in Product Feedback   

    Moderation Log
    The moderation log should be more detailed.

    It shows that I approved a member and their username, but doesn't say what member was banned. It will also say that I edited a member, but doesn't state what member (except their User #) and doesn't specify what was edited. It's always good to know these things for reference.

    I also noticed that it doesn't log everything a moderator does. I have moderators go in and do IP checks on members, it doesn't log. If there were spies, we would hardly know.

    There should also be a link to "hidden", moved, closed, deleted, etc posts when they show up in the moderator log. I don't know, I'm very intuitive to detail. These things matter! :smile:

    When the "automated" maintenance bot removes threads or posts, it should specify what was removed. Why are they removed? My board hasn't been up for very long.
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  3. MonsterMovement added a post in a topic the nightly delete posts task   

    That's creepy. I seriously thought a member was abusing their powers because it showed up as "Deleted moderator or task-initiated" with their IP Address, but no name. However, it would be nice to know what threads or posts were removed. How do we know important posts aren't being deleted?
  4. MonsterMovement added a comment on a file Custom Moderator Team Page   

    It'd be super cool if we could exclude some members from the groups we add.
  5. MonsterMovement added a comment on a file (RC34) Testimonials System   

    This was a neat idea.. I hope there's an update soon!