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    In it's current state, this plugin just creates blank posts, instead of including the version and changelog. Can't recommend downloading it on version 2.0.0.
  1. Auto-generated thumbnails in gallery?

     I know. It should be called 'photos' then, not gallery.
  2. Auto-generated thumbnails in gallery?

    Then what the heck is it designed for? Lol. Seems pretty useless then...
  3. I'm just curious: Is there a way to have the gallery automatically generate thumbnails for movie files? Ie YouTube automatically generates a few you can pick from, so you don't have to upload your own.
  4. I thought I'd tell you guys I have fixed this. The issue was CloudFlare's Universal SSL. Found this out from two sources: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/27943622/file-download-via-https-via-chrome-android-download-manager-hanging https://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=3492 Once my host and I disabled Cloudflare entirely and used a server cert, users seem to not be experiencing this issue anymore. I am still grossly disappointed with what IPS has said though.
  5. Hahahaha, yes. Using clearer words and phrases, gets the point across as intended though. And seeing as I have 250k+ users, who are all Android, them saying something against those users like that.... It's why I'm frustrated.
  6. I have escalated it. The point for the topic here, is not support. It's in the category "Company feedback", which is the point of this topic. Regardless of the ticket, what was said, was said, pissed me off, spat in the face of my users, and caused confusion. If not addressed via feedback, it would probably happen again. Which is why I have posted this here. It's also a point of reference for my fellow forum owners, as I told them about this 'policy' of IPS's. I imagine they'll be outraged as well.
  7. You have tried your best. That's not what the topic is about. This topic is about how in the ticket, I was given the conclusion that the issue is probably because the devices are rooted, and you thus won't support them. The reason I set that topic title, is because basically any Android forum on IPS, will involve rooting. Simple as that. Thus by logic: Android forum which is about root > IPS doesn't support rooted devices > IPS doesn't support Android.
  8. Precisely. Which is why I provided them all the variables you mentioned, and more.
  9. That's part of the hard part. Many users report this issue, however, it's not a global issue. And it's not a config/permission issue, since different users from different groups have the issue.
  10. Correct. My site is having an issue with downloads, on Android phones.
  11. Both of which I have done.
  12. Today I was working on a rather critical ticket with IPS, and we are having a hard time duplicating it (though over 20 users have reported the issue). So I am asked are most of my users on Android, rooted. I say yes, though that's not helpful to the search, as their devices haven't changed, the site did with the 4.0 upgrade. I am then greeted by this lovely response: I'm sorry, did I read that correctly?! I'm not sure first of all, how that even applies to an issue with downloading from the site. But secondly, IPS is gonna have a hard time with that business model, as I know and frequent over 20 IPS sites (to whom my friends are owners), where the main demographic of users, are on rooted Android phones. As a matter of fact, my web host, hosts even more IPS sites, with the same demographic. Should I start informing my friends of this business model? Yes, I'm pissed off. This is slap to the face. Great job IPS, two for two here. ID #919907
  13. Brandon fixed my issue  And my oh my was stuff messed up lol. He had a lot to do.
  14. No doubt they CAN fix it, it's just a matter of when. I'm losing members, losing trust, and quite frankly, losing money. And God help me if they say "It's an issue on your hosts' side" one more time...