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  1. Hey guys

    Ip download and IP.Nexus
  2. unable reactivate my license

    do you see my license is expire and trying to reactive i cant submit to ticket when i trying to submit ticket its show error you dont have active package means no active license no support in even client billing area
  3. hello when i press reactivate button its show error like this [#20X64.p2] Before you can reactivate this child purchase you must first reactivate the parent purchase. I dont understand how to reactivate why this error show i already try to buy parent purchase but still not working
  4. License duration

    After 6 Months Your License will expire you have to renew every 6 months to get upgrade and support but you can still use expire license, you will not get any support or upgrade
  5. How i can buy ip Content

    hello i have ip board, i want to buy ip content before i buying i want know which features ip content have and how much its price to buy it thanks
  6. [HQ] Custom Pages

    this mod is very great but only think i don't like on this mod is custom tap , custom should be removed
  7. want to buy self host license

    okay thanks 4 the information
  8. hello right now i have ip board 3.3.4 ip board standard hosting i am tried of paying 20 dollar a month i want buy full license which is 175 dollar and change server to host-gator but i want my old database members posts topics i have 578 members and overa 6000 posts and i also want to know about Vbulletin my members love vbulltein but i love ip board so i want to know if i change my mind to buy vb license so how i can transfer my posts, members to vB. i have ip board standard hosting , please anyone help
  9. Suggestion About Hosting pack

    actually i just worry about disk space that why i didn't enable da download apps i think 1 gb its good for 1 year and then i will buy licence 175 dollar and host with host gator next year
  10. hello Ip board Lovers i want to make suggestion about ip board self host we already know 10 dollar you will get 700 Mb disk space and unlimited traffic, 10 users online, so i want to make suggestion about Standard hosting package where you get 1Gb Disk Space and unlimited traffic and 25 users which is good but my idea is standard package should be atleast 10 GB disk space we pay 20 dollar per month so who likes my idea please comment
  11. i want to buy

    okay thanks for the information
  12. i want to buy

    hello currently i am using Mybb forum , i just want to know that your hosting package include Ip board software? Am I right! i also want to transfer my exiting software to Ip board please give me all information